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False Mink Lashes Diary

False Eyelash Diary

commonly stalk false mink eyelashes

The stalks that support the mink eyelashes are black.

Advantages: strong, reusable; even light make-up can also have a distinct sense.

Shortcoming: the black stalk is slightly obvious;When you look down, can see the unnatural black lines; the hardness is large and easy to fall down.

Transparent stalk false eyelash

The stalk that supports the eyelashes is a transparent fishing line.

Advantages: it looks natural; it is soft and easy to paste; it can be cut into small segments to use.

Shortcomings: the strength of the eyelashes is weak, Use energetically will easier to get worse, and more transparent,So if you don’t draw eye lines, you eyes don’t have enough spirit

Pasting false eyelashes

More perfect pasting false eyelashes

  1. Before you stick the false eyelashes, you should finish the eye makeup first! If the eyelashes are too close to the root false eyelashes, it’s harder to stick, so don’t start the angle too much
  2. It will be more natural to stick eyelashes after the mascara is painted. Use tweezers when taking false eyelashes, so as not to tear the false eyelashes.So, dear, if you have any questions, or want to know more, you can leave us a message, we will help you solve what you want to know, and give you a pleasant eyelash experience.

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