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About Our New Style Big Mink Eyelash.

About Our New Style Big Mink Eyelash.

Now there are more and more eyelash sellers on the market, selling a variety of eyelashes, various materials, but no matter what material, eyelashes are similar in style. The length is also consistent, and nothing new at all.

So many customers do not have the enthusiasm to pursue beauty, style is the same, will not pursue the quality of eyelashes, just will to find cheap eyelashes to wear and will not pursue aesthetic.

We really do not want this phenomenon to continue, so our designers continue to study and innovate, hoping to have more beautiful eyelashes on the market. Finally, we designed our new large eyelash DH series.

The new large eyelashes, 25 mm in length and 0.3-1 mm in thickness, are a collection of Lily’s and Huda’s eyelashes, and add our latest ideas. Now we have started to market our large eyelashes, you can contact us to order, now only our company will have large eyelashes. All the styles are made by hand, and there will be no difference between the style and quality of the sample and the bulk. Now who buys our new eyelashes first, who will first seize the market, maximize profits and passenger flow, of course, you cooperate with us, we will continue to innovate, will never be as long as other companies do not update some new styles.

We look forward to contacting you and cooperating with you. We will continue to innovate more new eyelashes.

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