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Why Do We Choose Eyelashes Instead Of Eyelash Extensions ?

Why Do We Choose Mink lashes Instead Of Eyelash Extensions?

The planting time of Mink eyelashes usually takes 1-2 hours at a time to graft the eyelashes in a beauty salon. So what if we have a favorite eyelash style? I believe this will save you a lot of time to do other things for you.

mink eyelashes manufacturer

The metabolism of your own eyelashes, the grafted eyelashes will stick to your own single eyelashes. With the metabolism of the human body, your eyelashes will fall off from the third day, the left and right eyes will start to become asymmetrical, and the overall makeup level will decrease. We can clearly see from the picture below.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Lashes Vendors

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Lashes Vendors

The limitations of makeup, we will face different occasions in life, our makeup is different on different occasions, different makeup needs different eyelash styles, business occasions need natural style light makeup, dance occasions need exaggerated thick Style, elegant and mobile styles are required for dating occasions. Imagine, when you have different eyelash styles, is it easier to handle different makeup on different occasions?

Candy Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Candy Eyelash Packaging Boxes

The level of eyelashes and the level of planting eyelashes are relatively simple, which cannot express the natural and agile sense of eyelashes, but 3D Mink eyelashes can show a sense of multiple layers.

Luxury Eyelash Packaging

Luxury Eyelash Packaging

Therefore, the futures market must be a market for higher quality eyelashes. We are not developing it as a daily consumer product, but as an art to express our own personality.

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Best Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

Best Eyelash Vendors wholesale Mink Lashes

Dunhill lashes, as one of the best eyelash suppliers, we have been focusing on luxury mink eyelashes for 10 years, and provide high-end luxury mink eyelashes to the market at low prices. If you want to buy mink hair wholesale, Dunhill lashes will be the first choice.

wholeslae mink lashes

eyelash vendors wholesale 25mm lashes

1 Luxury Lashes

We are in line with fashionable and high-end design concepts. The eyelashes we designed show the unique taste and temperament of the artwork. Our eyelashes are light and comfortable. When you put on our eyelashes, they can also show your charming charm.

mink lashes wholesale

wholesale lash vendors mink lashes vendor

2 high-end luxury eyelashes

If you want to build your own eyelash brand, you should be responsible for the health and beauty of your customers, right? You need a high-end luxury mink eyelash supplier to provide you with top-grade luxury mink eyelashes and quality service. We are just the only option you need to choose. We have full confidence in our luxurious eyelashes and service.

mink lashes vendor

eyelash vendors wholesale usa lash vendor 

Why choose handmade eyelashes? All luxurious eyelashes are hand-made and have a good 3D appearance. If you choose to use machine-made eyelashes, it will be cheap and the same shape without soul. In fact, our skilled workers can only produce 10 pairs of luxurious mink eyelashes. We spend too much time choosing the best mink fur and creating a perfect structure that the machine cannot.lash vendor

wholesale mink lash vendors eyelash vendor

All the styles on the market are new and unique. We changed the softness of the eyelashes and we updated the material of the eyelashes to achieve good comfort. Everything we do is invisible, but you can feel it with your eyes and heart. Our luxurious eyelashes are light weight to avoid eye fatigue. You can even sleep with them. We have found that some women forget to take off their eyelashes in their daily lives, so we should make sure that they are safe and healthy.

eyelash wholesale vendor

eyelash wholesale vendor 3d mink lashes wholesale

Our eyelash factory is located in Qingdao, China. That was the birthplace of eyelashes in the Qing Dynasty in Peking Opera. You may find tens of thousands of eyelash factories in the world. However, if you want to buy the best mink hair, you should come to China. Then you will find the right eyelashes you need. Our technical workers are all local folk artists, so each of our eyelashes is a piece of art.

3d mink lashes wholesale

mink lash vendor lash vendors mink


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New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Water Drop Package

New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Water Drop Package

Most people want to choose a new idea to make eyelash packaging boxes, and they want to buy a new eyelash packaging called Water Drop Package.As we said, eyelash packaging is important. If you use a special box, your eyelashes can be easily sold. Therefore, today, we will show you this Water Drop Package.custom eyelash packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging Pink Drop Package

1. Water Drop Eyelash Packaging Color

There are many colors of water curtain, you can choose from your eyelash vendors, such as yellow water drop with black color matching packaging, pink water drop with black color packaging, pink water drop with white packaging, silver water drop with white packaging and so on. Any color you want can be purchased from the Eyelash vendors if they are in stock. What you should do is choose a look that matches the color of your logo to achieve a professional look.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

2. Why is water drop packaging so popular in the market?

Most girls like this cute packaging because they are beautiful, just saying, hey girl, it’s time to apply beautiful and charming eye makeup with eyelashes. People also like easy-to-open packaging, which can protect eyelashes well. In addition, if you buy a water drop packaging, unique looks cool.custom eyelash packaging usa

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

3. What is the weight of the water drop eyelashes package?

This kind of eyelash packaging is the same as the ordinary packaging, but the volume is the same as that of the ordinary packaging box. Therefore, if you buy this kind of eyelashes, the transportation cost will be the same as that of the ordinary eyelashes. And each one will be 40g. But they are very popular in the market, if you find a good supplier, it will provide you with preferential prices.wholesale mink lashes and packaging

Diy Eyelash Packaging Custom Lash Packaging

4. How to customize the eyelash box of water drop?

If you have your own brand name and business area, you may want to use this custom box.Your eyelash supplier will provide you with logo labels and self-adhesive labels, how should you tell the eyelash supplier what you think.

custom lash packaging

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box Eyelash Packaging

1. You can provide high-quality pictures with brand name and logo

Eyelash suppliers will use it to design perfect labels and stickers. Your logo is the most important part you should add. If you want to customize the box and make sure to add the correct position to make the appearance more beautiful, it will look like a professional eyelash packaging. If you want to do this now, please With us we will design for you for free.

eyelash packaging

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box Lash Packaging Vendor

2. Your social media.

You should give customers a door to find you so they can easily find you and buy online. Never forget these social media, such as Facebook, Instagram. Because these platforms have many users, they may be your customers. You should also have a YouTube channel, and because the cosmetics business is very popular on this platform. The more fans you have, the more money you will make.

custom eyelashes boxes

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging Custom Lash Cases

5. What is the price of water drop packaging?

If you want to buy a general water drop eyelash packaging, it will be much cheaper, depending on the quantity, it will be $2 to $2.5.
Moreover, if you want to order in bulk, the price will be much cheaper, the cheaper it will be.
If you want to make a custom eyelash kit with labels and stickers, you should pay the labeling fee. If you put the label yourself, you should inform your eyelash supplier, otherwise, they will charge you for the work.

eyelash case wholesale

Private Label Eyelash Boxes Eyelashes Packaging Box

But Dunhill Lashes will not work for you. If you need help, please let us know. Therefore, if you want to buy the best water drop eyelash packaging, you should first understand the packaging before making a decision.



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Why are big eyelash vendors willing to work with us?

Why Are Big Eyelash Vendors Willing To Work With US?

Nowadays, many Eye Lash Vendors have begun to grow and develop, and gradually started a lot of Eyelash Vendors brands, and these years are also very popular. However, do their eyelashes have their own eyelash factories? Actually, they don’t. Many of them also supply eyelashes through Chinese lash vendors.

wholesale 25mm mink lashes

Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes

However, the suppliers they choose are also very important. They also need premium Mink Lash Vendors in order to get the customer’s approval and support, in order to continue the customer’s reservation and purchase.

25mm mink lashes

Eyelash Manufacturer

Why Do Many Large Wholesalers Like To Work With US?

Firstly,DUNHILL lashes have the best quality of 25MM Mink Lashes.Good quality is the basis of cooperation,no good quality, everything else is useless.Our mink lashes are 100% Siberian Mink Lashe,cruelty free handmade mink lashes.Our eyelashes use the best raw materials and The Best Glue,women who are allergic to glue use our eyelashes without any discomfort.

best lash vendors

    Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Secondly,we had been in this line for 10 years.We have the professional Design and Marketing Department.We will design the most popular styles according to market demand.

wholesale mink lash vendors

      Wholesale Mink Lashes

Thirdly,we have our own factories and workers.So the price will be lower than the market price.Maximize the benefits of our customers.

wholesale mink lash vendors

wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

The last one,DUNHILL Lashes’s best service Also have own Eyelash Packaging factory, we provide 24-hour service, sell our best quality eyelash products to you with the most sincere service, give you our personal experience and help you to do your eyelash business

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How To Start Best Lash Bussiness?

How To Start Best Lash Bussiness?

Do you want to have your own eyelash brand? Do you want to know how toCreate Your own Mink Eyelash brand? Below we will show you how to create your own eyelash brand. I hope we can help you start your own mink eyelashes business. Please follow the steps below.

eyelash vendors wholesale

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 25MM Lashes

1, first you must create your own mink lashes logo

Each eyelash brand has its own logo, which will distinguish it from other Mink Eyelash brands.You are very fortunate!!! Our company can design your logo for free of charge!!! Our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have your own logo yet, please contact us.

mink lashes wholesale

Mink Lashes Wholesale Lashes Vendors

2,Conduct market research

Get a comprehensive picture of what styles of eyelashes your customers like and the price they can accept. Accurately locate the market and have more customers.Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. Recently, the most popular mink eyelash styles are mainly these. You can refer to it.

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors 25MM Mink Lashes

3, Find professional mink eyelashes vendors

Finding a professional mink lashes vendors is the most important point in creating your mink lash brand. So what is the good water Eyelash Vendors? First of all, professional mink eyelash suppliers can provide high quality eyelashes. Secondly, the professional eyelash vendors can design the eyelash style by itself, which can guarantee the fashion trend of leading the eyelashes. Third, professional water lash eyelashes suppliers can deliver on time. These are very important for the sales of mink eyelashes.We have more than ten years of experience in the production and sale of wholesale mink lashes. We are the most professional eyelash vendor in China.

wholesale mink lash vendors

3Dmink Lashes Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

4,Distinguish which are the real eyelashes

We want to distinguish between mink eyelashes and silk lashes by burning them.
Taste: At the time of burning, there will be a burning human hair after the mink lashes burn.
Speed: The speed at which the eyelashes burn is very slow. After the fire is extinguished, the eyelashes will not burn on their own, but the velvet eyelashes will burn on their own.
Ashes: After the mink lashes are burned, the ash is powdery. After the silk eyelashes burn, there is no ash, and they will shrink into a ball.

wholesale lashes suppliers

Eyelash Manufacturer Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

5,Promote Your Brand(Mink Lashes).

If you already have the above three points, then you can promote your mink eyelashes. You can use your social software, such as INS, YouTube, pinterest, Facebook, and more. The most important thing is to build a website on Google. According to our many years of experience, the promotion effect of the website is the best, followed by INS and YouTube.

mink lash vendors wholesale

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale

Dear if you want start your eyelashes business and don’t know how to choose lashes ,you can choose from the sample pack.We have more than ten years of experience in eyelash production and sales, and we have helped more than 3,000 customers start their eyelash business successfully . We have summarized these experiences and made 9 sample packs, hope that can help you.

wholesale lashes vendors

Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Eyelashes Vendor

The above is some of the experience we have summarized to how to create my own eyelash brand, I hope that it can help you.

From today, we will have a very big promotion for customers who have just started their eyelash business. If you are interested in our eyelashes, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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How To Start Your Own Lash Line With Dunhill Lashes?

How To Start Your Own Lash Line With Dunhill Lashes?

Welcome, we are Best Eyelash Vendors. we have compiled the most complete 3D MINK LASHES product knowledge for you, please click here, I hope to be useful to you, You want to choose cheap mink eyelashes, or poor quality mink eyelash, your business will only be a small business, there will never be a brand, you will never be able to dominate the fashion trend, you will never make money.

wholesale mink lashes

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

If you are just starting your eyelash business, it is especially important for you to choose the right Lash Vendors . Eyelashes are fast-moving products, and everyone has a high sensitivity to new products and high quality products.

Doing eyelash business at the beginning Selecting the price The only result of neglecting quality is to end your favorite eyelash business at a loss. Have you examined the quality of the eyelash business? If you want to do eyelash business, you must start with the best-selling, best-quality ones.

eyelash vendors wholesale

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes 

We are Best Mink Eyelash Vendors . We have met many and many such customers. I really believe that we are right.95% of us are American customers. Every day, many old customers place orders. The quality is not good. There will not be so many old customers placing orders.You may have just started to have no experience with the product. We met many customers and summed up a lot of experience. Write a blog. Can you look at it? Blog link.

mink eyelash vendors

Mink Lashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

It doesn’t matter if you buy or buy our products, as long as it is useful for your future business.You can also buy $2 to $5 and try it out and then decide it is not too late. In fact, the name is called 3D Mink Lashes, but the quality is very different. The market is very transparent, we do not need to provide false information to you, it is best to look at the real thing. Website link.

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

wholesale Mink Lash Vendors Eyelash Manufacturer

And many customers find it directly according to our brand, many of our customers are introduced by old customers.I believe that you will not recommend it to your friends. I believe that you are not willing to recommend the quality of the free delivery.Think about why you buy so expensive cosmetics so good, I take cheap, free to send you do not dare. You like to buy cheap goods, but do you like that all the goods you sell are returned by customers? Do you still have to pay the freight? Good quality eyelashes are sold at a price that is expensive, but it is very cheap to use. Do you agree?

3d mink lash vendors

wholesale Mink Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors

It doesn’t matter if you buy or not, I really tell you that you will take less detours and get better soon.If you Want To Start Eyelashes Line, it is necessary to choose our four high-end products. These four products are very popular in the market and just started to be popular. If we can stand on the market and seize the opportunity, we will successfully sell these four products. A very good opportunity. Get the products with high market recognition. It is very important for you to accumulate credit and win more customer collectors and sharers!

mink eyelash vendors

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors 25MM Mink Lashes

Or the customer provides the pictures that you like. The ones you choose are our most popular eyelashes. You have too much vision. At first glance, you have the potential to Wholesale Mink Lashes , but these are often out of stock. I just had A colleague’s client has enough money for 1,000 pairs. We just produced 1,100 pairs, and you have settled it. Stimulate customers. Because some people always hesitate and miss the opportunity to do business!

3d mink lashes wholesale

Wholesale Lashes Suppliers Lash Vendors Mink


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Custom Lashes Package Show

Custom Lashes Package Show!!!

Wholesale Mink Lashes from the Dunhill lashes Company, we main do the Mink Lashes Wholesale and the Customized Eyelash i will show the mink lashes packaging pictures on here.custom eyelash packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

eyelash packaging box

Eyelash Packaging Box Custom Eyelash Packaging

custom eyelash packaging

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Custom Eyelash Boxes

custom eyelash boxes

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Lash Packaging Vendor

custom eyelash box packaging

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box 

create your own eyelash packaging box

Eyelashes Packaging Box  Private Label Eyelash Boxes

private label eyelash boxes

private label custom eyelash packaging lashes packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes With Your LOGO

We are a professional Eyelash Box Vendors, we have nearly 130 styles and perfect quality luxury eyelash boxes!Those style boxes can put your logo or brand name in the production time of the whip box within 4-7 working days after completion!More 142 styles of Custom Eyelash Boxes can customize your exclusive label!

create your own eyelash packaging

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

eyelash packaging boxes manufacturers

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Manufacturers

private label custom eyelash packaging

Private Label Custom Eyelash Packaging

wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging

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The New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging

The New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging

Dunhill lashes is the profession lash vendors, we main sell the Mink Lashes and the Custom Eyelash Packaging, our the package have the enough stock, and we have the professional lashes design team, we can do the free design for you.Not worry the package MOQ, we provide 30pcs package.

custom eyelash case

Custom Eyelash case Catalog

Custom Eyelash Boxes packaging Catalog

Custome New LOGO Eyelash Packaging Box

With more than 5 years of Lash packaging design experience, we can help you customize your own brand products. We can design a logo or brand name with a box and let you check it before starting production.These Mink Eyelashes can be packaged with your own special label for eyelashes and branded custom eyelash boxes. We sincerely hope to provide services to all customers who are interested in our mink and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes and boxes.


unique eyelash packaging

Unique Eyelash Packaging

empty eyelash packaging

Empty Eyelash Packaging

Eyelashes Packaging

Buy Eyelash Packaging Boxes


The Following Is The New Packaging Customized By Other Customers

wholesale mink lashes packagewholesale mink lashes package

Custom Eyelash Packaging

custom eyelash packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

wholesale custom eyelash packaging

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

eyelash packaging box wholesale

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

custom eyelash packaging box

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

custom eyelash packaging vendors

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

printed eyelash packaging boxes

Printed Eyelash Packaging Boxes

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How To Save Money By Wholesale Mink Lashes?

How To Save Money By Wholesale Mink Lashes?

Dunhill lashes is the best lash vendors, we provide the best quality mink eyelashes and sell them at the best prices.Next, I will add the most reasonable sales solution for each eyelashes for each customer.

wholesale mink lash vendors

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 25MM Lashes 

First if you want to try our eyelash sample, you can borrow our eyelash sample pack, here you can see more style combinations. For details, please click here<<Sample Pack>

wholesale mink lashes

Wholesale Lash Vendors Wholesale Lashes Suppliers

Secondly, if you want to order eyelashes and get a customized eyelash packaging box, we can provide a free transparent eyelash diamond box, you only need to pay the cost of eyelashes and logo paste, we can apply for free for the box Give away. I believe this will save you a lot of money, and we will give you a small gift based on your order, which you can give to your customers, which is very cost-effective for you.

custom eyelash packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Custom Lash Packaging

Third: About ordering custom eyelash packaging boxes. The factory’s MOQ for most of the boxes is 100. We do n’t need it here, because 100 is really too much. To this end, our company has launched 30 MOQ boxes. There are many and many kinds of boxes. You just need to choose what you like and send your Logo, we will make it for you. For details, please click here >>customize the eyelash packaging box page.

Custom eyelash packaging

Custom eyelash packaging diy eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging box

create your own eyelash packaging

Finally, as long as you order us, we will have gifts, and we will often introduce discount strategies. Give you the most reasonable price, so that you can enjoy our quality service, when quality products, you can also enjoy our quality prices.We are the best eyelash vendors and we can give you the best advice and best products.Choosing us will be your most reasonable

custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale eyelash packaging private label eyelash boxes


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About Custom Diamond Lash Packaging Box

About Custom Diamond Lash Packaging Box

Diamond custom eyelash packaging boxes very popular and welcome by eyelash customers, they are very beautiful and easy to make logo on it. 

Here after is some very beautiful lash packaging boxes with logo, it will be great help to you.

custom eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging Diamond packaging

custom eyelash packaging usa

custom eyelash packaging usa holographic diamond packaging

eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale mink lashes and packaging 

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

custom lash packaging diy eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale

eyelash packaging wholesale cheap custom eyelash boxes

cheap custom eyelash boxes

custom eyelash packaging box diamon shape marble package

wholesale eyelash packaging

lash packaging vendor custom eyelashes boxes