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Why Beauty Secrets Is False Mink Eyelashes Using ?

Why Beauty Secrets Is False Mink Eyelashes Using ?

Do you want to make your own eyes become round big and long eyes at any timeit? As long as five minutes, so that your eyes will get the same style like eyelashes micro plastic surgery. After learning the two stages,you will become the master of using false mink eyelashes.

Wrap Your Eyes


1.The first description of eyeliner, so as not to leave false mink eyelashes eye makeup unnatural.

2.And then the eyelash curler really curled out of the perfect arc, so follow-up paste the false mink eyelashes considerable arc.

3.false mink eyelashes slightly concave, trimmed to fit the length of the eye type, and to determine the longer end of the eye is tail, do not paste the wrong.

4.In the false mink eyelashes joints coated with a special adhesive, and then wait for 20 seconds after sticking; before sticking, before and after the false mink eyelashes on both ends of a little more than plastic, so false mink eyelashes prone to tilt.

5.Gently close to the roots of eyelashes, clothing affixed to the eyelids, and then use mascara, give your true and false mink eyelashes natural fusion



Beauty Eyelashes Also Have Tips


  1. 1.Firstlydraw a good eye makeup, and then pick the eye makeup plus false mink eyelashes. If the middle section of a longer false mink eyelashes, make the eyes round bright; want to increase the sexy index, can increase the best end of eye false mink eyelashes.
  2. 2.Before the paste to determine the length of personal needs. From the end of eye alignment to the back of the eyes a little bit, to avoid stick too close to the eyes, so as not to get stuck in the blink of an eye, the extra part of the cut out.
  3. 3.The use of adhesive pastemay gently brush the end of the brush, do not sticky false place.
  4. 4.If you are not satisfied with the curvature of the false mink eyelashes, eyelash curler can then gently folder eyelashes root.

Beauty Secrets Is False Mink Eyelashes Is really need mink lashes to useing

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