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Big Eyelash 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Making Process

Big Eyelash 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Making Process

Now our 25mm mink strip lashes are very popular, so there is a shortage of supply. Many customers will be anxious, even suspect that we are a liar, here I want to solve this misunderstanding, so I will explain to you the process of making our big eyelashes.
First of all: material selection, (1) our false 3d mink lashes materials are all Siberian mink fur, and our eyelashes are pure mink fur, do not contain any impurities. Our eyelashes are also cruelty free and there is no harm to animals, they are collected during the hair removal season.
(2) The production of eyelashes: Many people will worry about the lashes band will tough when buying eyelashes, but please rest assured that our eyelashes are cotton stalks, very soft and very strong, not very thick or very thin, because our eyelashes are handmade, and each order is the same whether it is a sample or a large batch.

Secondly: the eyelash treatment process: Our eyelashes are soaked by milk, the eyelashes are full of luster, and we are all disinfected. Even if you are allergic skin, it is ok to use our eyelashes.
Final production time: Many people don’t understand why 100 pair 200 pair will need to wait for 7 days or even 10 days for eyelashes. It will take a long time, so I explain that it is because our eyelash making process is very difficult, About the technology. A better worker can only make 6 pairs of eyelashes a day, and after the completion of the production, it is necessary to inject glue into the eyelashes. Because the 25mm eyelashes are thicker, the glue will dry slowly, and it usually takes a week Dry out.
So the time to make eyelashes is 10 days is our normal time, we can’t give you a short delivery time, because we don’t send bad quality eyelashes to every customer, so please understand every customer. .

There is also the price, the customer will not understand, why is it just a few millimeters, this eyelash is so expensive, because our eyelashes are not only a few millimeters, we also thicken the eyelashes, and other The factory can’t make our 25mm eyelashes, which is enough to fully explain the difficulty of the eyelash process.
So dear, if you really like our 25mm Siberian mink lashes, please feel free to contact us, WE ARE THE BEST EYELASH VENDORS we will give you the best quality eyelashes, and ensure the quality of the eyelashes can be delivered quickly. So dear, please contact us.

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