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Why Do We Choose Eyelashes Instead Of Eyelash Extensions ?

Why Do We Choose Mink lashes Instead Of Eyelash Extensions?

The planting time of Mink eyelashes usually takes 1-2 hours at a time to graft the eyelashes in a beauty salon. So what if we have a favorite eyelash style? I believe this will save you a lot of time to do other things for you.

mink eyelashes manufacturer

The metabolism of your own eyelashes, the grafted eyelashes will stick to your own single eyelashes. With the metabolism of the human body, your eyelashes will fall off from the third day, the left and right eyes will start to become asymmetrical, and the overall makeup level will decrease. We can clearly see from the picture below.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Lashes Vendors

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Lashes Vendors

The limitations of makeup, we will face different occasions in life, our makeup is different on different occasions, different makeup needs different eyelash styles, business occasions need natural style light makeup, dance occasions need exaggerated thick Style, elegant and mobile styles are required for dating occasions. Imagine, when you have different eyelash styles, is it easier to handle different makeup on different occasions?

Candy Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Candy Eyelash Packaging Boxes

The level of eyelashes and the level of planting eyelashes are relatively simple, which cannot express the natural and agile sense of eyelashes, but 3D Mink eyelashes can show a sense of multiple layers.

Luxury Eyelash Packaging

Luxury Eyelash Packaging

Therefore, the futures market must be a market for higher quality eyelashes. We are not developing it as a daily consumer product, but as an art to express our own personality.

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About Custom Diamond Lash Packaging Box

About Custom Diamond Lash Packaging Box

Diamond custom eyelash packaging boxes very popular and welcome by eyelash customers, they are very beautiful and easy to make logo on it. 

Here after is some very beautiful lash packaging boxes with logo, it will be great help to you.

custom eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging Diamond packaging

custom eyelash packaging usa

custom eyelash packaging usa holographic diamond packaging

eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale mink lashes and packaging 

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

custom lash packaging diy eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale

eyelash packaging wholesale cheap custom eyelash boxes

cheap custom eyelash boxes

custom eyelash packaging box diamon shape marble package

wholesale eyelash packaging

lash packaging vendor custom eyelashes boxes


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When You Do The Lashes Order You Wanna To Know?

When You Do The Lashes Order You Wanna To Know?

Dunhill Lashes is a great quality eyelash vendors and custom lash boxes manufacturer, we supply tons of best mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging boxes to USA, Caribbean countries, Canada, European and Middle East country everyday! Get many praise feedback from our customers.

Recently, many customers asked following Red marked question when they inquire from us before placing order, now we give a standard answer here,

wholesale mink lashes

wholesale mink lashes eyelash vendors wholesale

help you know more knowledge about Dunhill Lashes and also our company Policy, and explain to your customers in the future!

How do you maintain the quality of lashes with such high demand?

We focus on High quality mink lashes producing and promoting, we use the best mink tail furs, best lash glue To control our best quality mink lashes

All our mink lashes are made by experienced and skillful workers, hand made, this ensure the best quality.

We also have a quality examination system, every batch lashes will take few pairs to check it, these action guaranteed the high quality!

eyelash vendors wholesale

mink eyelash vendors 25mm lashes lashes vendors

What is the turn around time for processing and shipping?

We have strong service and logistic department, only Lashes Order, 1 day can ship out your order after fully payment

If you order custom boxes together with mink lashes, we need 4 days producing lash boxes, then ship out.

How is the mink hair collected?

Mink hairs are collected by Combing hair from the healthy living minks, that is why our mink lashes are full of Soft and tough, full of vitality and shine,

absolutely cruelty free

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

custom lash packaging customize your own eyelash box

Do you accept PayPal ?

Yes, we usually create paypal invoice to our customers, that is a fully contract between us, it can protect both of us and customers

Where is your factory located? Do you have a minimum order quality ?

We are China based wholesale lash vendors, our mink lashes minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, custom boxes minimum order quantity is 24 pieces.

Would you consider your company a smaller business?

We are a medium-sized wholesaler of mink eyelashes, a supplier of custom packaging boxes, an innovative service company, and our eyelashes and packaging

have always led the way.

customize your own eyelash box

eyelash packaging wholesale cheap custom eyelash boxes

And how much samples do you get when paying ?

From 65$ to 80$ for the minimum order quantity of mink lashes, Free shipping price!

How much is for samples?

From 65$ to 80$ for the minimum order quantity of mink lashes, Free shipping price! All sample costs can be return to you on the following orders.

cheap custom eyelash boxes

create your own eyelash packaging wholesale eyelash packaging


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Teach You How To Make Money In Eyelash Business?

Teach You How To Make Money In Eyelash Business?

Nowadays, the eyelash business is very hot, people’s demand for eyelashes is getting bigger and bigger, many entrepreneurs make a lot of money, but why are you still losing money?

eyelash vendors wholesale

eyelash vendors wholesale mink eyelash vendors

1.You should to investigated the eyelash industry.

Many people see someone doing eyelash business to make money, and start their own eyelash business immediately.They They bought a lot of eyelashes at the beginning, and after receiving them, the quality of the eyelashes was very poor, and the customers didn’t like the styles.

mink eyelash vendors

wholesale lash vendors eyelash vendors wholesale usa

So what should you do?
1.Survey the eyelash market.Which length and which style of eyelashes are popular?Which styles are the best sellers?

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

wholesale mink lash vendors eyelash vendor

Please order the sample to test the quality first,if you are satisfaction with the quality,then order the bulk.

2.Looking for a reliable eyelash supplier.This supplier must be an professional eyelash manufacturer and wholesale mink lashes,because manufacturers can let you buy the better quality, more cost-effective products at the same price.Let you take advantage of the market.

eyelash vendor

eyelash wholesale vendor 3d mink lashes wholesale

3.You are not confident enough, so you only dare to buy cheap and poor quality eyelashes.These cheap 25mm mink lashes look easy to sell, but they can’t keep customers, they won’t buy back.They find your lashes quality is bad, then they find other eyelash vendors.

mink eyelash vendors

wholesale lashes suppliers eyelash manufacturer

4.Your custom Eyelash Packaging is not beautiful enough.A beautiful package that appeals to your customers to buy.Some people even buy your eyelashes because they like your packaging.The pretty custom lash packaging box with your logo,that will looks more luxury and feel the lashes quality is the best.

eyelash manufacturer

lash vendors mink 3d mink lash vendors


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Wholesale Mink Lashes — Promotion September

Wholesale Mink Lashes — Promotion September

Choose the best eyelash vendors to wholesale mink lashes.

mink eyelash vendors

mink lashes wholesale mink lashes vendor

September is the month we are promoting, during which time you can find the best eyelash vendors for you and enjoy the discount price for the wholesale mink eyelashes that suits you best.
I will now introduce our offers in detail.

mink lashes vendor

eyelash vendors wholesale usa lash vendor

First: If you want to order our eyelash sample list, we support any quantity. As a new customer, you can choose a favorite box sample for free. We will give you free of charge.

lash vendor

mink lashes vendors wholesale mink lash vendors

Second: if you only want to order 30 custom eyelash boxes, we can send you 30 eyelash trays for free. This way, whether you order the eyelashes or not from us, you can make the box and eyelashes match.

eyelash packaging box

eyelash packaging box wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Third. (1) Order 30 pairs of mink eyelashes. If you choose our eyelashes and decide to order now, we can apply for a free 30 acrylic boxes for you.

Custom lashes packaging

customize your own eyelash box eyelash packaging wholesale

(2) Order 30 pairs of eyelashes and 30 custom eyelash packaging. If you are sure you want to buy now, we will apply for a 3% discount for you. If you are buying for the second time, we will send you 30 free eyelash brushes accordingly.

eyelash packaging wholesale

cheap custom eyelash boxes create your own eyelash packaging

Fourth. Buy 20 pairs of eyelashes and 20 custom eyelash boxes, we will give you a 2% discount on the total price.

wholesale mink lashes

eyelash wholesale vendor 3d mink lashes wholesale

Fifth. (1) Order 50 pairs of eyelashes. If you choose our eyelashes and decide to order now, we can apply for a free 50 acrylic boxes for you.

eyelash packaging wholesale

custom eyelash packaging box mink lash vendor

(2) Order 50 pairs of eyelashes and 50 custom eyelash packaging boxes. If you are sure you want to buy now, we will apply for a 5% discount for you. If you are buying for the second time, we will send you 50 free eyelash brushes accordingly.

custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale eyelash packaging lash packaging vendor

Sixth. (1) Order 100 pairs of eyelashes. If you choose our eyelashes and decide to order now, we can apply for a free 100 acrylic boxes for you.

mink eyelash vendors

wholesale lashes suppliers eyelash manufacturer

(2) Order 100 pairs of eyelashes and 100 custom lash boxes. If you are sure you want to buy now, we will apply for a 10% discount for you. If you are a second purchase, we will send you 100 free eyelash brushes accordingly.

custom eyelashes boxes

custom eyelashes boxes custom eyelash box packaging

This will be the biggest promotion we have ever done, giving the biggest discount and the most gifts.
In September only, if you want to start your eyelash business, or if you want to order a lot of goods ready for stock, this will be the best chance. We will also be your best lash vendors.


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Why Can We Receive Your Eyelashes Order Will Be Shipped Immediately?

Why Can We Receive Your Eyelashes Order Will Be Shipped Immediately?

Dunhill Lashes is an eyelash vendores and eyelash manufacutrer that specializes in high quality eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging. As the brand of Dunhill Lashes grows bigger and bigger, customers are more and more, and some problems will appear slowly. Some customers have felt that the shipment of Dunhill Lashes needs to wait for a long time, and the production of eyelashes is slow. For this problem, Dunhill Lashes proposes a solution. That’s why Dunhill Lashes can now ship you immediately after you place an order.

mink lashes wholesale

In order to change the problem of slow delivery of mink lashes, Dunhill Lashes has increased the productivity of the factory. The style of the mink lashes has been scheduled and stored in the warehouse in advance. You will be given the eyelash style you purchased and will be given to you at the first time. Arrange the delivery; of course, if you don’t have enough money to pay, we offer you a very favorable policy, you can pay the deposit according to the price of the eyelash products you buy, we can also prepare the eyelash products to be purchased in advance. If you pay completely no fee, we can also ship it to you immediately. That’s why Dunhill Lashes can ship you immediately after you place an order.

1. We have our own eyelash production factory and professional production staff;

2. We will have a large inventory of eyelashes, so that you can arrange the eyelash products you purchased at the first time you place an order;

3. Even if there is no stock in our warehouse, we will arrange the factory for you to make the production in the first time, and guarantee 3 days to arrange delivery for you.

Why is Dunhill Lashes able to receive your eyelash orders immediately, the most important of which we have our own production manufacturer, and efficient production mink lashes speed.

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New Style 25MM Mink Lashes

New Style 25MM Mink Lashes

The very happy thing is that our mink eyelashes have updated styles.
Updated today is our 25mm mink eyelashes. We call it DL mink eyelashes
This series of mink eyelashes is mainly aimed at the purchase needs of middle-level customers, because our mink lashes are all made in the high-end market, so the price of 25mm mink eyelash is higher than the average supplier. Many customers will give up after seeing the price. We didn’t try our eyelashes, which made us sad.
So we found the best solution, which is to innovate a batch of 25mm eyelashes suitable for more people, the price is right, the style is novel, the product quality is the best.

So now our eyelashes have already started to sell, but currently there are only three DL05, DL06, DL09, we will continue to update in the following days, constantly creating more styles to meet the needs of more people.
If you want to buy, please pay more attention to our website updates, and the release of information.
We have not only updated the eyelashes, but even the box has the latest rules.
We have a minimum order quantity of 30pcs, and we can add a logo for you. You can finish delivery within 3-5 days. You don’t have to worry about custom packaging boxes but need a lot of purchases. We will not have such a situation at all. You want to decide how much we can do for you, so dear, we have been constantly updating, more in line with what customers think, what are you still hesitating, hurry to order,

Dunhill Lashes will give you the best service, the best eyelash products and the best packaging products, we will be your best choice. If you are a new customer in the eyelash business, please feel free to contact us. Many of our customers are just starting the eyelash business. They are very successful now, and have their own customers. If you want to know more, Feel free to contact us and we will give you the best advice and help as your best and most loyal eyelash vendor.
So dear, I am looking forward to hearing from you, and I will continue to update our latest 25mm mink eyelashes.

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25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

How To Choose
The 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors are becoming more and more popular with the beauties.

They’re crazy about dramatic mink lashes.My client is mink eyelash agent.


They prepare 25mm mink lashes wholesale for their clients.
25mm mink lash strip very exaggerated, in the market long also have a lot of 25mm siberian mink lashes .

At home page I’m going to show you how to choose a better 25 mink lashes.What are the real mink lashes.

How To Choose 25mm Mink Lash Strips Raw Material
First of all, I want to tell you how ,25mm strip eyelashes are made.

In order to provide you with better and more upscale 25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale in our factory, we start with raw materials, and we choose the long and natural mins.


And use the mink’s tail hair because it’s too short to be 25 mm in length.

But don’t worry, honey, our raw material comes from the loose hair of the mink’s tail.

It doesn’t do any harm to the mink.We collected the tail part of the mink and selected the mink with the tip.

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wholesale Mink Lashes Need Know These Question?

Wholesale Mink Lashes Need Know These Question?

Q:Your company main sell what kind lashes?

A: Our company mainly produces 3D mink lashes, the siberian mink lashes.

Including 16mm/20mm/22mm/25mm length

Q: What is the price of 3D Siberian mink lashes?

A:16mm mink lashes are 5$/pair, 20mm mink lashes are

5.5$/pair, 22mm mink lashes price is 5$/pair,25mm mink lashes price are 8$/pair

Q:How long for shipping?

A: 2 to 5 days, the basic shipping cost is $25.

Q:Do you have a moq?

A: Moq 10 pair

Q: Do you have eyelash packaging? Can I customize my own Eyelash packaging box?

A: There are 5 box styles to choose , and the MOQ is 30pcs can add logo on it.will 3-5day will finished and can send to u dear.

Q:If have the wholesale mink lashes price or bulk price?

A:Yes we have ,if u wanna order big quantity we will give u a best discount

Mink Lashes Wholesale Best Eyelash Vendors


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About Creat Eyelash Brand And Our Long-term Cooperation In The Future

About Creat Eyelash Brand And Our Long-term Cooperation In The Future

When you become a beauty media celebrity, you have a lot of followers, and turning your followers into customers will be the most exciting

Eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes
How to turn followers into customers, you first need to find a low-cost, high-quality goods, and then create your own brand, recommend this quality brand to your followers, this brand is the link between you and your followers on commerical relationship, In this way, your followers will benefit from you, and you will get enough commercial rewards. This product is the Aupres lashes, our eyelashes are comfortable to wear, beautiful and fashionable, and its price is very low.

Lash vendors mink lashes wholesale
To turn your followers into customers, you must have a platform to showcase quality products. This platform is website. Let your followers visit the website and experience the beautiful mink eyelashes. If your fans visit our website, she will scream, and will definitely fall in love with the mink lashes, creating desire and impulse to buy. This is the most important step.Dunhill lashes review

Find A mink lashes wholesale mink eyelash vendors
We can provide you with such a business environment, we can do the following:

First of all, we have 4-8 US dollars worthy high quality mink lashes, hundreds of styles are available for you to choose. You can take some eyelashes create your own eyelash brand. These can be used more than 25 times, comfortable to wear, beautiful and fashionable, and its price is very low. this eyelash can only bring a good feeling to your fans, instead of any hurt your reputation;

Secondly, we already have a very rich experience in building eyelash websites. We can provide you with the website of the existing template, and then re-type according to your requirements, complete the construction of the eyelash homepage and sub-pages until you are satisfied. When we update the popular new eyelashes, we will change the content of the website according to your choice.

Third, we can provide you with complete OEM services, from logo production, packaging, shipping, you only need one email, we can help you get everything, these can save you a lot of money.

Fourth: Regular website and product updates.

Website transactions have the following cooperation methods:

Please refer to the website. This website now has very good traffic. The Google engine has already given the ranking and has started to recommend it to customers. You visit the website to see, please watch it on your smart phone, because it represents the user’s experience. Only when the smart phone is convenient to view, the user may have a return visit.

We have two ways of cooperation, one way is you buy out, we set up it for you, we charge a maintenance fee of $50 for each subsequent service, the second way of cooperation is to rent, you give us a monthly maintenance fee of $100. We will arrange website updates according to your requirements.

You should know clearly that we set up and maintain the website, the Beneficiary are you, because you can choose the high quality fashion eyelashes on our website to make the brand according to your understanding on eyelashes.
Dunhill lashes review

mink lashes vendors lash vendors wholesale

We can help you customize the packaging, arrange transportation, distribute to different places, small orders you can retail in the United States, large orders directly to help you ship, you can save a lot of labor costs, these tens of thousands of dollars a year.

When your reputation is getting higher and higher, you also get a commercial return, and your followers are happy because of low prices and quality products. What Michael Jordan can do, you can do it, but he does sneakers, you make eyelashes, nothing more. The market for eyelashes is much more than sports shoes. You have a future than Michael Jordan.

When you read this business plan, it is estimated that you have made a decision, welcome to cooperate with us and develop together.

The New Style Mink Lashes 22MM Mink Eyelashes