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How To Win The Trust Of More Mink Lashes Customers?

How To Win The Trust Of More Mink Lashes Customers?

Nowadays, there are many eyelash vendors in the market, and there are many mink lashes customers. How to stand out among many mink lash vendors and win the trust of customers? Today we will discuss this issue.
In order to win the trust of customers, we must first let customers believe in you, willing to buy eyelashes here, and willing to be your loyal customers, so we must be honest, not to sell eyelashes for the sale of eyelashes, we must always be customers Think about it, put the customer’s interests first, know what kind of eyelashes will make customers sell better, what kind of eyelashes are hot, give customers better advice.
The second is the update of information.
We must pay attention to the timely update of good information. If there is any new style, we must inform the customer in time, occupy the eyelash market in advance, and update the information in advance to win the eyelash customer and provide the best source of goods to the customer.

In the end, it is a good service. We must work hard to make friends with our customers instead of just buying and selling. Only when we know each other can we have a win-win situation in business.
As long as we achieve these factors, we will certainly win the trust of our customers and have a longer-term cooperation with our customers.

The New Eyelash Style Is Really Important To Start The Eyelash Business! Why?


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Please Note That These Mink Strip Eyelashes Are Currently The Best Sellers

Please Note That These Mink Strip Eyelashes Are Currently The Best Sellers

There are a lot of mink eyelash styles on the market, and there are many eyelash suppliers. In the face of so many choices, we will always be confused about which one is popular, is it the best selling?
Now I will introduce you to the most popular styles.

First 25 mm mink strip lashes

Our most popular is 1.DH003




Second 20 mm mink strip lashes

The most popular are:1.DM02







The third 18mm mink eyelashes (although there are only 4 style mink eyelashes, but each is a popular style, don’t worry about not attracting enough attention, not popular enough)





Last 16 mm mink lashes








The above is our hot sell mink eyelashes with different lengths. You can choose the length of your eyelashes according to your needs. Each length has a hot sell style, which can bring different appeal.

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My Paypal Day Mink Eyelashes Transaction Record

My Paypal Day Mink Eyelashes Transaction Record

Today is the third day of the end of the Spring Festival. I am already busy. There are too many customers coming to me. They told me that they have waited for too long and want to buy our mink lashes. Finally, when our holiday is over, they can I placed the order, not that I want to show off, there are really so many customers coming to me, They want to order, they can’t wait, I am very happy that there are so many customers who like our eyelashes. I hope you can also find eyelashes that will suit you.
Below I will show you the results of my work today, of course, this is only a part, because also have many customer wanna order our mink strip lashes.
If you also like our eyelashes, you are welcome to wholesale mink lashes from us or ask for information about our eyelashes.

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Customer’s Review List Of Our Eyelashes

Customer’s Review List Of Our Mink Eyelashes

Choosing an mink eyelash vendors is so difficult. How do prove that our mink eyelashes are really good and really attractive? It’s not true enough to talk about us. Only the true experience of the customer is the best proof. So today I have prepared some comments from my clients to prove that they really like it instead of lying, so dear. If you want to know more after reading, you can contact us. You will also choose eyelashes that suit you and like them very much.


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Start your 3D Mink Eyelash brand business!

Start Your 3D Mink Eyelash Brand Business!

We have our own design team in the factory. You can wholesale mink lashes directly from us to make your eyelash business very smooth! And you can customize mink strip eyelashes according to your own requirements, custom styles are only available to you!

3D Mink Eyelashes’ general US retail price is $20-30, so you have enough profit margins to wholesale our 3d mink lashes eyelashes to earn 4-5 times profit, and we also provide customers on our retail website platform. Sales and delivery solutions

If you are selling wigs, we strongly recommend that you add 3D mink lashes to your product. 3D mink eyelashes make this a hot product, and can also bring you a lot of wig customer traffic.

Most importantly, when you need your own brand custom packaging boxes, we can provide you with customized packaging, print your LOGO on the packaging, let 3D Mink Eyelashes sell their own brand, and we have the least custom packaging. The order quantity is only 50. It is very easy for you to start the lashes line. We do not recommend using a plastic transparent box and then attaching a plastic label. The packaging grade is very low. The customer will not think that your eyelashes have $20-30. The value, please remember that even the best products also need good packaging!

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How To Make Your Mink Eyelashes Softer, More Elastic And More Comfortable?

How To Make Your Mink Lashes Softer, More Elastic And More Comfortable?

Many customers have asked two questions, why are some of the mink strip lashes so stiff, especially 20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink strip lashes? How to make the suede eyelashes soft and elastic? How to clean or clean 3d mink eyelashes?

Why is the leech belt so hard and thick?

This is very simple for us because we are eyelash vendors, wholesale eyelash suppliers, and we have 12 years of experience in 3d mink eyelash production. All of our mink lashes have soft straps and light weight, but that doesn’t stop us from knowing why some mink eyelashes are stiff and thick, because we know how to make the best eyelashes for every detail, we know why
25mm mink eyelashes, compared to conventional 3D mink eyelashes, they use at least 3 times mink hair. The eyelash stems are made of soft cotton thread and glue the water mink to it, which becomes very thick. This is normal. Therefore, only when we solve this problem can we obtain a soft and slender eyelash stem.
Some other eyelash factories, they use machines to lay mink hair, which must get some watery eyelashes with more hair roots, and they stick it with ordinary quality glue, there is no glue
The distribution is even and the workers are unskilled, so the band is a bit knotted somewhere, the band itself is stiff, inflexible, and may even hurt your eyes.
Dunhill Eyelash, the leading manufacturer of 20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes, never got this complaint from customers. Because we have well-trained and skilled workers, they carefully select the mink hair by hand and lay each layer by hand. We glue the cotton strips and mink hair together with the best glue. The result is our water eyelashes. The stem is light and soft.


How to make the Mink Lash Band soft and flexible?

When you buy a low-quality 25mm mink eyelash stem hard thick band, don’t worry, now I know why it is so stiff, then I know how to make it soft and flexible, but be careful, choose a lighter and you Eyelashes, use a lighter to bake around the eyelashes, make sure you don’t burn the eyelashes, just stand away from it, it will only make your eyelashes softer, it will make it more flexible.
As you can see now, they are a bit more flexible. You can wrap your eyelashes around your mascara brush or tubular object before the heat is dissipated. Turn it into a circle and you can make them Keep it for a while, which will help the eyelashes become more flexible. It also helps to soften those straps, it won’t be too thick, and it won’t pierce your eyes.
Remember, when you want to buy 20mm mink lashes 25mm mink strip eyelashes, buy from DUNHILL LASHES, only Dunhill eyelashes can make the perfect 25mm mink eyelashes.

How to clean your mink strip eyelashes?

The next tip I give you is that if you have some eyelashes that you like and you are not ready to be separated from it, I know that the eyelashes may fall bitter because of the eye shadow, stain with glue, don’t throw them away, Don’t throw away your eyelashes. All you have to do is grab a little glue water, this is my only one. This is my Garnier’s amazing, it takes off all the makeup for my skin, all I do is grab a bit of Q-tips when it’s back and forth in the eyelashes, I also use the same q-tip and I just clean The band eare makes sure you do this a few times.
Keep in mind that our mink eyelashes are very light, so use only a small amount of glue at a time, which will make your mink lashes light, easy to apply and take off, and don’t use super glue to apply your eyelashes. Unless you want to wear it to swim.
Remember, if you want to buy long mink eyelashes, Dunhill Eyelashes offers you 20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm siberian mink eyelashes with all styles.


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How To Choose The Length Of Mink Eyelash That Suits You?

How To Choose The Length Of Eyelash That Suits You?

What MINK STRIP LASHES LENGTH suits you is the best.
Nowadays, have many mink strip lashes lengths are popular on the market, and the style is very attractive. Of course, our company can’t be defeated by the trend of the times. Our own designers have also designed various mink eyelashes of different lengths and styles. And it is very popular in the market, and it has also ushered in the pursuit of many fans.

Although these eyelashes are popular, they are also problematic. Because these 3d mink eyelashes become popular, there are many customers who ask and buy them, but they don’t think it is suitable for them to wear, so this phenomenon has appeared. Bought the 25mm mink strip lashes but When received the goods, Felt that the eyelashes were too long. I didn’t fit myself. I wanted to return them. bBut i believe all company all have the Regulation. Not all the goods that are sold can be Returned, only the poor quality of the eyelashes will support the retreat, so there is a problem of after-sales disputes between buyers and sellers. One does not want the goods, one does not want to return, so make the eyelashes good quality have been forget. Because the length of the eyelashes is defined as bad eyelashes. The supplier lost a good customer and the customer lost a good supplier.This is not worth.

So choosing a suitable eyelash length is very important. For us to decide according to the size of our eyes, and whether or not to wear glasses, if you are big eyes, deep eye sockets suggest that you can choose long eyelashes, and if you are small eyes, even if you are particularly fond of Eyelashes still advise you not to try it, because it is really too long.
So dear, choose a best eyelash vendors, u ask them what length u suits, I believe they will help you make a good choice. I sincerely hope that every customer can find the eyelashes that suit them, and every day is the most beautiful.

How To Buy The Best Mink Eyelashes With Less Money?

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How To Conduct Online Eyelash Business Through YouTube?

How To Conduct Online Eyelash Business Through YouTube?

Content marketing through social networking sites is a popular trend in business today. YOUTUBE is the second largest social networking site after FACEBOOK, and the products and prices they need are delivered to customers through YOUTUBE video, so that customers can correctly choose the mink lashes they need. How to get the best way to get customer consultation and customer orders quickly, then how to use YOUTUBE to develop online eyelash business?
First, by uploading the eyelash video, let the customer know that you have the high quality mink eyelashes they need, and the price is very good. Take our DUNHILLLASHES 5D mink eyelashes as an example. His length is between 18 and 21 mm. Designers pay attention to the quality of the products and add a lot of fashion elements. They are fatal to customers who like long eyelashes. force. And it’s priced at only 5.5 US dollars, can be used more than 25 times, even if it is quickly transported to the United States, its cost price is only 7 US dollars, it is at least 2 grades higher than the artificial fake eyelashes priced at 7 US dollars, the price is 15 The dollar is very simple, such eyelashes are naturally very cost-effective, and starting your eyelash business with such eyelashes is naturally easy to create commercial returns.

Secondly, let the customer know that your mink eyelashes are easy to wear and easy to maintain. Our mink strip lashes are made of mink hair and are very lightweight; the cotton eyelashes are soft and comfortable, very easy to wear, and easy to cross-mix with their own eyelashes. They look very natural and comfortable to wear. Just use it once every six times, remove the glue from the eyelashes, and then blow it dry with a hair dryer. It is easy to maintain and continue to use. The wear and maintenance process is passed to the customer through the video, which can easily lead to the purchase interest of the customer.
Of course, you should pass the video to the customer before you bring the contrast between the eyelashes, choose the eyelash that suits your eye shape, bring the eyelashes, your eyes are big, the eyes are deep, and the makeup effect is very obvious. Our 20mm fake water eyelashes are of moderate length. Basically, don’t put too much makeup on the face, so that customers can feel the simple make-up can bring this eyelash, so that the customer’s interest will be better, and the desire to buy will be more intense. Everyone doesn’t like trouble. Everyone doesn’t like the complicated makeup like an actor. So it’s as simple as it is. Your video content must pass such a signal so that your customers will like it.

It’s very important to update your video regularly. It is recommended that you update it twice a week. You can record a short video, within 5 minutes each time, with one or two details at a time. For example, videos with eyelashes, videos for cleaning eyelashes, videos for eyelashes, video for eyelashes, etc., so that you can attract more eyelash enthusiasts. After a period of practice, you have more subscriptions, subscriptions. The comments will let Google Engine recommend your channel to more consumers to search, so you have more subscriptions, your content will be more people to watch, naturally there are consumers.
Recording videos must record the content of the eyelashes that consumers care about, starting from the common details, so that there is no preaching, it is easier for consumers to accept, accept you, and accept your eyelashes.
I believe that if you can persist for a month, you have a very good consumer group, and through their good feedback using our high quality eyelashes, your customer base will grow bigger and bigger; In the month, you will be able to successfully make your own small brand and achieve your normal business goals. As long as you persist, you will succeed.


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