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New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

New Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Glitter Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

Very happy u can find our Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, these our new style eyelash packaging boxes.And our Packaging boxes can add logo on it, and just need the MOQ 30pcs ,this a very good news, and we produce these just need the 3-5days, then we can send to u, this is sooooo faster. No other eyelash vendors  can do this yet. just we can do, so dear not Hesitate Plz contact us.


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How To Get The Minimum Number Of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

How To Get The Minimum Number Of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

As an eyelash vendors who is at the forefront of eyelash development, innovation is a must for a company.
The innovation of eyelashes and the innovation of eyelash packaging boxes are all necessary. In order to prevent our products from appearing similar to those of other suppliers, we launched our latest eyelash box and eyelashes.
First of all, a small order quantity of custom packaging boxes.
Many of the customers we met have their own brand names and want to order boxes, but because they are ordering for the first time and don’t want to set a large number of boxes, they can only find suppliers constantly and waste a lot of time. Now I am honored to tell you, no need to find any more, our company can do, small batches of custom boxes, only need 30 pieces, but if you still do not want to check the quality of a box sample, we It can also be done, and the logo can be perfectly finished. If you want to sign, but not designed, you can also tell us that we have our own designers, you can customize your own logo, let you have a perfect shopping experience.

Finally, different styles of mink eyelashes
I don’t want to talk too much about eyelashes, because there are a lot of blogs that have already been introduced, because our eyelashes have always been imitated, because we have our own eyelash designers, they will be based on their daily inspiration. Respond to the customer’s response to design a variety of different styles of eyelashes, giving customers a different eyelash experience.
Now we have a variety of new styles, including the latest 25mm mink eyelashes, 22mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink strip eyelashes and 16mm mink lashes. I will show that our eyelashes catalog are listed below. You can choose the style you like.

If you have any comments, you can send us a message. We will be very happy and will accept your opinions and continue to innovate. More new eyelashes.
Of course, if you start the eyelash business, I hope that you can contact us because we have a lot of customers who are starting the eyelash business. Now they have done very well. I hope we can give you the most help. Start your life. Eyelash business and become your most loyal lash vendors, bringing you the best eyelash service. an if u wnana wholesale mink lashes we also will give u a best wholesale mink lashes price.
Look forward u information .

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My Chat History With My Mink Lashes Client

My Chat History With My Mink Lashes Client

Client:Hi Dunhill Lashes. Can I see pictures of your mink lashes?
Me: Hi,dear Vry happu u can send messnage to me.

Now i will send the mink lashes catalog to u u can choose u wanna dear.

Client:Ten of each of the circled pair

Me:Ok dear. Total 40 pair

The price is 40*5.3+30shipping=242$

So this ok?

Client:Okay sorry can I do 35. 10 of the DM01, 10 of the DM02, 10 of the DM17 & 5 of the DM12?

Me: Yes of cause dear

Client:Okay that’s fine ! My email is Conniy*******

Me: Ok dear I send the invoice to u
And plz send me your receive name and receive address

Me:Have send plz check

Client:Did you get it?

Me:yes dear, i get it

Client:Is there a way I could get a tracking number?

Me:yes of cause dear, i will send , and dear we will use the fedex will 2-4days can arrive dear.

Client:That’s perfect !! Thank you 😇 can’t wait to buy more!
Me:I believe u dear
Me:U will like it dear
Client:I want to place another order for the lashes

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How To Start Mink Lashes Line (About 20MM Mink Lashes)?

How To Start Mink Lashes Line (About 20MM Mink Lashes)?

Best 20mm Mink Lash vendors

(Why Is Dunhill 20mm Mink Lashes The Most Cost-Effective?)
Dunhill lashes 20mm mink lashes are popular. This market is not saturated yet. There is no price competition. It can be sold without discount. The suggested retail price is 15-18dollars. It is a very good style for e-commerce trader to start lash line!!.

This 20mm mink lashes are made of mink furs, and the false mink lashes are curved and bright.


The Dunhill lashes are heated to physically correct the curvature of the mink, the 20mm mink lashes are handmade, the hair is naturally bent, and the bending time is durable.

Dunhill lashes offers e-commerce clients logo design, logo stickers, short design time, long use time, $ 10 can be used with more than 200 small logo stickers.

Dunhill lashes’ 20mm mink lashes are very low cost, eyelash + packaging + logo + transportation, the cost to the United States does not exceed $ 7, you can achieve 100% gross profit.

Dunhill lashes 20mm mink strip lashes are the core technology of eyelash bending. Look at our false eyelashes. Some of them start to bend from the eyelashes to the tip of the false eyelashes. These are fluffy, natural, very fashionable and very popular.

Compare to our eyelashes with the other long eyelashes on the market, you will find that their eyelashes are rigid and the color is dark (they use chemical material made bend and cause eyelash damage).
The bending is small, the stem is thick, and it is not easy to wear.

Ordering Dunhill lashes’ 20mm mink strip lashes, we offer low-priced 20mm mink stip lashes, fast and low-cost Eyelash packaging, good eyelash quality, high retail price, they are really cost-effective styles, is the best variety for you to start lash line!!! if u don’t know how to start u lash line, welcome u contact me dear, i will help u have a goog mink lashes bussines , and will help u find best quality mink lashes .

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How Do College Students Earn $1,000 A Month By Selling Mink Eyelashes?

How Do College Students Earn $1,000 A Month By Selling Mink Eyelashes?

Yamy is a college graduate from University of Southern California in 2018. She spent $100 from zero in two years, doing online shopping like an experiment. She is the seller of online 3d mink lashes wholesale.

After graduating from college, Yamy refused many OFFERs including such decent jobs as Samsung Investment Bank. She said that she was a child king since she was a child, not suitable for work.

how to make fake eyelashes look better

In the end, he went to New York to study for a postgraduate degree and dropped out of school after more than a month of study. He said that it is very boring to process hundreds of data every day, and it takes more than three years to get a postgraduate degree. He wants to start a business at home, but global e-commerce has been very prosperous.
The choice of starting place is very accidental. In January 2018, she rented a 30-square-meter house in an apartment near the school and started her business. She took only 10,000 yuan to buy the goods.

But Yamy is still thinking about how to be an independent website or community. She suddenly found that ins, Youtube can also sell a numbered 3d mink eyelashes, and it sells very well.

Yamy also asked some local friends who are high-paying people and have requirements for the quality of 3d mink eyelashes. At the same time, Yamy deliberately inspected a variety of false eyelash suppliers. It should be said that there are many suppliers of false eyelashes and what styles are available. Yamy summed up the situation of various 100 real mink lashes wholesale and chose Dunhill Lashes as her false eyelash supplier. Yamy thinks that opening a stylish, mid-range and above-priced women’s false eyelashes should be very rich.

On June 10, 2018, he had his first employee. He named the store Dream, at the end of 2018, with a monthly turnover of millions.

So now he is a succesful people, if u also have a dream also wanna do the easy ,beautiful and fashion job,plz contact we will help u and u also will succes!
Look forward u contact us, and we will do u the best eyelash vendor,look forward u wholesale mink lashes with us

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