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Dunhill Lashes Ten Most Popular Mink Lashes

Dunhill Lashes Ten Most Popular Mink Lashes

Deciding which eyelash to choose and making up your mind to buy it is a difficult thing, because we often see beautiful things that we want to make ourselves belong to ourselves, but some things are just good-looking, but not for us. And now that our update is so fast, there are so many substitutes, then what kind of eyelashes will not be eliminated, then I will introduce you to the most popular ten 3d mink eyelashes. I hope to help each of us.
Ranked 10th is the DL3D26, the style of the steady style eyelashes has been welcomed by a large number of eyelash enthusiasts. Therefore, our eyelashes have a lot of customers who constantly update their stocks, in order to let themselves not lose their beauty and confidence, which is why so many people choose this eyelash.

Ranked 9th is the DL3D62. The DL3D62 is a cross-combination method that makes the eyelashes look very sexy and very easy to use, which makes us look very sexy and attractive. If you want to draw more attention, you can try our DL3D62 eyelashes, I believe you will love it very much.

Ranked 8th is the DL3D09, which uses a jagged design to increase the layering of the eyelashes. Our eyelashes are sought after by many eyelash manufacturers and have made similar styles, although they are very similar. But after all, they are not their original, and our model can be worn in any place. This is why we are so popular.

Ranked 7th is the DL3D35. The eyelashes that are close to the eyelids are shorter, while the tails of the eyelashes are longer. The side view will make our eyes very charming and attractive. And this eyelash is relatively moderate in thickness, not very heavy and not very thin, it is a very beautiful eyelash that is worth buying forever.

Ranked 6th is the DL3D13B, which has the same design as the DL3D26, but there are still some differences between the two models. This eyelash does not feel as compact as the DL3D26, and there is a certain gap between the eyelashes. And the length of the eyelashes is slightly longer than the DL3D26. It will make our eyes very lively and lively and vivid.

In the fifth place is the DL3D22. The design of this model is very interesting. This style will be very elegant and exaggerated, but at the same time it will look great. Although it looks exaggerated, it looks very exaggerated. Wearing it on your eyes doesn’t feel very awkward, we can wear it when we go out to play.

In the 4th place is the DL3D66. This eyelash is very dramatic. It is a heavy one. If you like to write a dramatic eyelash, you can choose this one. It is really beautiful. An eyelash has a large number of loyal fans, because our popularity is very good, so our inventory is often very tight. Every day, customers come to us to wholesale mink lashes.

In the third place is our new big eyelashes. Our big eyelashes have a length of 25mm. It is our latest design eyelash style. It is very very popular nowadays. It has been a lot of people since it first appeared in the public eye. attention. This eyelash is very similar to our DL3D22, but it is different in length, so he is still very popular.

In the second place is our big 25mm 3d mink strip eyelashes, which fully reflects the attractiveness of our large eyelash style. This is similar to our DL3D35. The charming length and the latest design can bring us A very different experience will make our eyes add a little more weird on the lively basis. I believe this eyelash will definitely sell very well in the future.
And our champion is our DH3D004, this eyelash is not an extension of any one, and will not be similar to other. With their own design styles, the design of different lengths has attracted many fans who love eyelashes. Now, if we buy this eyelash, we need to book in advance, the demand is really too big, and our eyelashes are all Manually, there will be no asymmetry or other problems, so many customers are very fond of our eyelashes.

These are our top 10 most popular eyelashes. If you like our eyelashes, you can send a message on our website, or contact us, we will recommend the eyelashes that suit you best. It won’t let you waste a lot of money because you choose the wrong style.

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