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How to Apply False Eyelashes Easier

How to Apply False Eyelashes Easier

If you have ever used false 3d minl eyelashes, you are aware that applying them is not that easy as it may seem. It is particularly hard for those who do it for the first time. Hence, we have prepared some useful tips and tricks that will make the process much easier.

Clever tricks for easier application of eyelashes
In order to apply the false eyelashes easier, there are a few point that you need to get used to.

First you need to measure the lashes to make sure that they fit. Set the strip along your lash line and see if it is necessary to trim it. Start from where your natural eyelashes begin as any closer may irritate your eye. It is also advisable to end a few eyelashes before the outer corner. Thus, the false strip will pass more naturally to your look.
Once you are ready with the measurement, you need to trim the lashes. Cut them from the outside edge and not through the lashes. So that can easy size our eyes.

Second:Make your lash band curvy. It is easier to apply the false eyelashes if they are curvy and not straight. There are few tricks that you can use to achieve the effect.

Apply the glue correctly. Place a thin layer of glue on the band of the lash from corner to corner and wait a few seconds to settle before application. You can also use the double-adhesive technique and dot some glue along your lash line as well.

Third: When you stick the false eyelashes, be sure to keep your face dry, in order to ensure that the eyelashes are better attached to the eyes.
Then: When you want to remove the eyelashes, don’t pull the eyelashes too much, which will hurt our eyelashes and hurt our skin. Therefore, when removing the eyelashes, gently remove the makeup water and remove the eyelashes without affecting the next use.

Clean your eyelashes by soaking them into hot water and washing up liquid.
Eyelash extensions – a better alternative
If you are tired of the process of applying and removing false eyelashes everyday, there is an alternative to that gorgeous look – eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks and are much easier to wear than mink strip lashes. You don’t have to take them off before going to bed and you can easily go swimming with them. Besides, you can also wear makeup with them. You can find all the things you need to know about eyelash extensions here.

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