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How To Care For Mink Lashes

How To Take Care Of Your False Mink Eyelashes

Almost every woman is now using false eyelashes. Because this can bring us beauty and confidence. So there are all kinds of false eyelashes on the market, the most popular of which is the false eyelashes.
Mink false eyelashes are favored by more customers because of their high quality and durability. Our Dunhill Lashes can be worn 20 times and treated properly without affecting the aesthetics of the wear. Here are the steps to clean

First: Remove The Glue

Remove the eyelashes from the eyes and try to remove the glue from the eyelashes by hand or using tweezers. Gently remove the glue from the outer corners of the eyelashes. Remember to not tear the eyelashes when remove the glue. If you want to treat your eyelashes as your own eyelashes, don’t use too much force to pull the lashes of the eyelashes. This will easily confuse the eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall off. Finally, put the eyelashes in the eyelash box.

Second: Try To Avoid Long-term Immersion In The Water

Most of the eyelashes can’t be soaked in water, but our Dunhill Lashes are fine, but this doesn’t mean that it can be soaked for a long time. If the soaking time is too long, it will deform the eyelashes and affect the eyelashes. Curvature. When cleaning the eyelashes, finally use a hair dryer to blow our eyelashes. Then gently brush our bristles with a mascara brush and place it in our lash box.

Third:Avoid Using Chemicals

Using any makeup remover or any harsh chemicals/oil will ruin the quality of the fur and will limit the usage of your mink lashes. It will ruin the shine and damage the shapes and curls. Also, we do not suggest using any types of oil-based solutions. This may damage the lashes and not only does it ruin the construction of the band or lash it will repel the glue from sticking to your lash when you apply.
If you still have any questions, please leave a message and we will continue to help you solve the problem.

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f you still have any questions, please leave a message and we will continue to help you solve the problem. Best mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

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