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How To Increase The Number Of Times The Eyelashes Are Reused?

How To Increase The Number Of Times The Eyelashes Are Reused?

Many of us are now buying 3d mink eyelashes. In order to increase the use of eyelashes, we will spend a lot of money to buy highest quality eyelashes, but there is still no way to make the life of the eyelashes longer. It is not that our eyelashes are not good enough, but that our use and care are not appropriate, resulting in a shorter life of the eyelashes. Then I will share a little trick to increase the life of the eyelashes.

Step1: when we take out the eyelashes from the box, don’t pull it hard. We can use the tweezers to clamp the end of the eyelashes near the middle, slowly remove the eyelashes to prevent the eyelashes from being pulled off or Deform the eyelashes.
Step 2: Do not apply eye shadow and mascara directly on the false eyelashes. You should first draw the eye makeup, then bring our false eyelashes, keep the false eyelashes clean, in order not to prevent the next use.

Step 3: Clean the eyelashes. Use our Dunhil lLashes to clean them with water. We can clean our eyelashes with some cleaning liquid. After cleaning, wrap our eyelashes with paper to absorb the water, then blow with a hair dryer. Dry, dry and brush our eyelashes with a brush and put them back in the eyelash box.
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