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Why You meet with Your boyfriend in face with Mink Eyelashes ?


Why You Meet With Your Boyfriend In Face With Mink Eyelashes ?

If you are an acute person, it doesn’t matter, according to the size of the guts ,you can also try from false mink eyelashes to eyelashes hair follicles to a variety of different ways.


1.This is a very deceptive way, a lot of girls said that they will plant mink eyelashes at the first meeting of boyfriend in face without makeup, as expected, the effect is really good.Grafting eyelashes is commonly known as eyelash extensions, that means false eyelashes will be glued to their lashes,

Thus the people who own natural mink eyelashes on the more dense and curling would have more effective outcome. If their eyelashes are too sparse, or even upside down, it is not recommended to do grafting.You can try to transplant hair follicles surgery.


2.Eyelashes severe loss of patients with the gospel – the principle of transplanted eyelashes Eyelash transplantation simply put the doctor first remove the hair follicle tissue, and then the hair follicles transplanted to the eyelashes, hair follicles survive, you can naturally grow new eyelashes.

In fact, there is no pain and no recovery period, suitable for the original eyelashes messy and scarce want to have a long eyelashes girl once and for all. Eyelash transplantation is under local anesthesia, about 40-50 hair follicles for each eyelashes. After 3-6 months, new eyelashes grow in the transplanted follicles.


At the same time,because of the transplantation of hair follicles, eyelashes will be as long as long hair, so it need to be trimmed in time. However, the natural growth of eyelashes filaments conical, thinner, and transplanted eyelashes were cylindrical, thick hair, transplanted eyelashes slightly rough.

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