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Method Of Ensuring That The Eyelashes Are Not Damaged

Method Of Ensuring That The Eyelashes Are Not Damaged

We are now more and more demanding for 3d mink eyelashes, and there are more and more eyelash styles. Our choice is more and more, which is good news for us.
We can choose the style that suits you according to your own needs, to show your confidence and your own unique temperament.
Then there is a problem, that is, when we go out, we will wear different eyelashes according to different occasions, and we will bring a few pairs of eyelashes with you, so the eyelashes should be placed where they will not be damaged.

Many people can’t find a suitable container or box to store it, and sometimes some suppliers or sellers don’t provide packaging. This is a trouble for us, like but there is no eyelash packaging,
But don’t worry, I will tell you the good news, that is, Dunhill Lashes can provide a single package, we can also support small buyers want to buy a box, our boxes are divided into many kinds, there are paper cassettes, and Plastic boxes, our boxes can also be added with a private logo, so don’t worry at all, a variety of good-looking boxes can be chosen, as long as you want, we can provide.

Or wholesale mink lashes you are a big wholesaler, want to wholesale some boxes to sell to your own customers, we can also do, and there will be a wholesale price, the more the quantity, the lower the cost, the cheaper the price will be And we also support customization, you can send us your own logo, we will design your own box for you.
So dear, don’t worry about the problem of the box, we will solve this big problem for you. If you still have something to understand, you can always send us a message, I believe we will be a good eyelash vendors. I look forward to working with you and hope that our article can help you.

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