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       Wholesale Mink Lashes、Silk Lashes、Ordinary Mink Lashes Price List 

Hello, dear, welcome to our price zone, I believe you are here to know more about our eyelash price.
Our eyelashes are divided into 3D silk eyelashes 3D mink lashes, and ordinary mink strip lashes. Of course, each of our mink fur eyelashes will have different grades and different qualities. I will introduce different types of eyelashes for you to choose from below.

So dear, as like you can see, each type of eyelashes, the style is different, the material is different, the effect is not the same, so dear, go to our eyelash area and choose your favorite eyelash style. Well, when you choose ok, you can send me a message, or pay by paying our company’s, we will automatically arrange for you to ship.

Of course, if you pay again, please add 30 dollars freight according to the total price of eyelashes you need. This will be the last price. If you are sure to buy, please send us paypal directly, we will be in 24 hours. Shipping for you.

If you are worried about the payment problem, you can also leave a message to us. We will reply you promptly after we see it. Once you are sure that you want to buy, we will send you the payment information and will prepare your goods in time.

So dear this is lashes price list, u can choose u like lashes price.

Dunhill Lashes Price List                             ♠Most Upscale Quality(usd/pair)                           ♠High Grade Quanlity(usd/pair)
                 ♥ 3D Mink Lashes                                                5$,6$                                   3$,2.5$
                 ♥ 3D Sik Lashes                                                  4$                                         2$
                 ♥Ordinary Mink Lashes                                                  4.5$                                         2$
                 ♥Lashes Boxes                                                                                    1-3$With Your Own Logo
                           Good News:   If you order more, and buy it multiple times here, we will give you a reasonable discount.

We also sell mink strip lashes packaging. If you are interested in our eyelash box, you can also buy it. We can provide samples or provide customized service. You can send us your logo, we customize it for you, our The price of the box is also reasonable, please feel free to order

So dear if u have any question you can send messaneg to our, we will help u dear, and dear u can contact us.