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Most popular private label 3d mink lashes

Most Popular Private Label 3D Mink Lashes

Be sure to warp the eyelashes and brush the mascara, and then the sticky false eyelashes can be unassailable.
With a small scissors to cut a cut under the eyelashes, two, stick in two, and then cut, then stick.
Use the hand to dip some most popular private label 3d mink lashes glue, easy to use. More convenient than using the brush head, dry off can be made up at any time.
From the beginning of the eye, stick to the eyelash section in order, a section of the eye on the lower eyelid position, neatly arranged.

Then start to handle the  mink eyelashes. When the length of the eyelashes is measured, then the most popular private label 3d mink lashes are trimmed, and the false eyelashes, which are thicker and longer at the end of the eye, are suitable for a round eye type which is suitable for the long eye.
He closer the false eyelash is to your true eyelashes, the more realistic it looks. Let the mink eyelashes stick to the juncture of the eyelashes and eyelashes. First, take a look at the length of the false eyelashes. The inner side of the false eyelashes should be aligned 4-5 millimeters inside the corner. It is not necessary to fill the inner corner, which is a little longer than the eyes, and the excess part is cut off.

Then, two hands hold the false eyelashes to nudge, make it appropriate to increase bending radian, so as to better fit the eye.
application of lashes glue:
1.Do not paint too much lashes or even sticky eyelashes are glue so that it will greatly reduce the life of most popular private label 3d mink lashes!
2.The eyelash glue stalk above painted eyelash root, volume is about 0.51 mm, thin uniform smear can quickly.
3.After the  painted eyelash glue, wait a few seconds and then slightly eyelash to wear, close to the roots of eyelashes will false eyelash stick, then hand or tweezers don’t move, let eyelash in a few seconds to help fix the root first and are then opened  eyes, while the eyelash glue is not completely dry, adjust the false eyelashes the angle, the pressure is too warped, so the collapse of the lifting.
4.When the most popular private label 3d mink lashes distance from the eye 0.5cm, do not hurry to paste, first to determine the eyelash eye tail, the eye head about the position. Then hand or auxiliary up 45 degrees! First fix a point in the middle part of eyelash, then eye tail, posterior eye head, which is a relatively good sequence, of course, you can also paste it according to your customary order.

Special reminder:
When the eyelash is attached, the angle is very important. The eyelashes should be lifted up a little upward, which is bigger than the 45 degree of the eyelash, so that it can be pasted on the eyelids of the eyelash root. And when the hands are up, they don’t stop in the eyes. You can clearly see the roots of their eyelashes, so that you can get a good eye on it. The first time to attach the most popular private label 3d mink lashes is because this step is not done, it is difficult to stick to the eyelash root or eye tail because it can not see the result of the disorder. If you use tweezers with a sticker, you also should pay attention to the angle of the false eyelashes

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