3D Mink Lashes DL3D04


1. 100% brand new & Handmade with high quality mink fur
2.Create a beautiful, glamorous look
3. Designed to look natural and feel great for everyday use
4.Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes
5.With professional eyelash glue, You can apply the lashes instantly
6.Easy to remove by eye makeup remover or tools
7.Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly
8.Material: 100% pure mink hair



Different eye type different false eyelashes(3D Mink Lashes DL3D04)

Common eye type can be divided into the following three types: short eye type, slender eye type and drooping eye type. Hurry up to see what kind of eye belongs to what kind of false eyelashes and eye makeup method.

Short round eyes: plump exaggerated eyelashes

Eyeliner + partial false eyelashes

Makeup Features:

This eyelash short before and after the long, there is a significant effect of elongated eye shape. Usually this eye makeup eyelashes is already very thick, so in the daily makeup only need to use glossy eye shadow to make lightening eye shadow on it, highlighting the look of freshness. To go to party at night, just add some pearl eye shadow in the eye to increase the brightness.


After curling eyelashes, with a thick mascara primer, increase the root of the eyelashes blackness and roughness;


Dry, close to the root of the eyelashes painted black eyeliner, the end of the eye can be properly bold out of 2mm;


Select the length of the short false eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes DL3D04 before, if you can not cut the natural eyelashes two, attached to the end of the eye, a layer of dense enough to paste two layers, the second layer can be the first layer of the eyelashes into the wrong state, This eyelashes can be more dense;

Slender eyes: Barbie type

Eye shadow + natural eyelashes

Makeup Features:

Barbie-type eyelashes are mostly short on both sides of the middle fan-shaped, so more suitable for slender eyes want to round.


Eye shadow painting here to focus on the end of the eye smear, select the chocolate color eye shadow with a gradual way from the eyelashes upward eyelid halo


And to z-shaped eyes – the end of the eye – the order of eyelashes to brush eyelashes, because the first part of the brush to achieve the most prolonged effect;

Droop eyes: slender delicate type

False eyelashes + eyeliner

Makeup Features:

Although the drooping eye will give a person with a sense of adorable, but excessive drooping will appear without spirit, for the drooping eye to adjust the length of the false eyelashes to reduce the degree of drooping, from the visual to become higher, and slim slender eyelashes than here Type is more suitable, to be slightly eye-shaped.


The same short and long before the choice of a long 3D Mink Lashes DL3D03, after the end of eye lash length and head flush, the eye-shaped back parallel, be careful not to add too much eye shadow color at the end of the eye, the more the more the color will appear to droop, Top-heavy.


Eyeliner along the eye-shaped pick 15 °, the angle does not need too pick, will appear too deliberately will be out of touch with the original eye shape.


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