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How to Apply Short Silk False Eyelashes 

How to Apply Short Silk False Eyelashes 

Applying short silk false eyelashes can be a real challenge, especially if you are just starting out with makeup. Here are some tips that will get you applying your eyelashes like a pro.
First, it’s important that you trim the band of your false eyelashes. Measure the length of the eyelashes and make sure it isn’t longer than your natural eye shape. If the band is too long, gently trim off the excess with a pair of scissors starting from the outer corner of the lash. NEVER trim starting at the inner corner.

Scissors to trim your short silk false eyelashes
Mascara for you eyelashes
After you have trimmed the eyelashes to make sure they will fit your eye, coat your mink fur lashes with some mascara. This will help add weight to your natural lashes giving the false lashes something to hold on to. It will also help your natural eyelashes to become more stiff allowing you to move your mink  lashes out of the way of the short silk false eyelashes (more for people with really curly lashes). If you don’t have curly lashes you can curl them to blend better with the false ones.

Next, you want to add glue to the band of the false lashes. It’s recommended to put as much glue as the width of the band or to focus most of the glue on the inner and outer corner. If it helps you can also apply the glue to your natural lash line like as if you were to apply liquid liner. Wait until the glue becomes tacky, then apply the lashes. The tackier the glue the better.
3D Mink lashes in the style Harmony
Black liquid or gel liner to hide the band of mink fur lashes

When you are applying your lashes, it makes it easier if you are looking down while applying them. Some people find it easier to use tweezers when applying them and some like to use their fingers. Just use whatever works best for you. Try to apply the short silk false eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. If the lash band is still visible you can go over it with a black liquid or gel liner to make it blend better.

This is all there is to it. Applying short silk false eyelashes definitely takes practice and patience to perfect, but over time you will become a pro at applying mink  lashes.
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