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Why Do You Need To Find A Good Eyelash Vendors?

Why Do You Need To Find A Good Eyelash Vendors?

Nowadays, beautiful eyelashes are needed by more and more people, and at the same time, eyelashes are more and more discovered and searched.
So the question is, do you want to find a good eyelash vendors, want to buy the best eyelashes, do you want to find the best eyelash material? These problems are all reflected in a good eyelash vendors.
Few people can distinguish between the true and false of the mink fur , so if you want to find a good real eyelash eyelash, you should find a good eyelash supplier. Choosing this is also the key to determining whether you can buy real mane.

Good product.
Experienced suppliers can provide you with better quality eyelashes because they have the technology and experience to understand the needs of their customers. The best eyelash materials and the highest production techniques are also used to give the eyelashes a long life. Of course, if you choose the right eyelash supplier, you can also support the custom, while the good mink eyelashes can be applied to the cosmetics, and will not affect the use.

Natural appearance

Mink eyelashes give a natural look. People prefer this because they are made of mink fur. These are safe and natural. But if you buy from an unknown brand, you can’t guarantee the authenticity of the product. They may not use real mink fur . In this case, it does not provide the look you want. In addition, you may experience some side effects. But if you buy a popular brand, you can rely on quality. The appearance will not be affected

production process

If you buy from a reliable mink eyelash manufacturer, you get the best eyelash products. Mink eyelashes go through two processes before they are sold. The first step is to sterilize the raw materials, and the second step uses a steam engine to set the curls at high temperatures. Step 3: Manually perform hair styling to ensure that the lashes are symmetrical and consistent. These three programs require huge investments to produce the highest quality products. Small and new companies do not follow this process. As a result, the eyelashes become short and do not provide the desired appearance.

So how critical it is to choose a good eyelash vendors. When choosing, we must not give up a good supplier because of the cheap price. As a reliable eyelash vendors Dunhill Lashes, you can rely on our brand quality and production capacity, if you have any questions, and if u want wholesale mink lashes,please feel free to contact us, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.

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Why Is The Mink Eyelash Better Than Silk Lashes?

Why Is The Mink Eyelash Better Than Silk Lashes?

If you are a woman, I believe that you definitely want to be more beautiful and confident. And will work hard to find ways to make yourself beautiful. The most important of these is the window of our mind – the eye.
who always feel that my eyes are small and the eyelashes are shorter and thinner. So always look for ways to make your eyes beautiful, then the solution is coming, eyelash extension and false eyelashes. These two are the choices of most women. But when choosing the right material, most people fall into the dilemma of choosing cheaper eyelashes or expensive eyelashes. Many people also ask which of the mink lashes and silk eyelashes is better, and the answer is definitely better for the mink lashes. The eyelashes of the mink are worth the cost.
Let us know about the specific reasons.

The first feature of the mink is lighter, and the eyelashes are not too heavy to wear on the eyes, just like your own eyelashes. This is an effect that synthetic eyelashes cannot achieve.
The second one is that the eyelashes are very supple and shiny because they are the hair of the mink. It will make our eyes look more attractive.
The third one is: the cleaning of the eyelashes. For those who wear eyelashes frequently, the eyelashes will be a good choice, because the eyelashes can be worn more than 25 times, the life is longer, and it is easy to clean. The price issue.

Silk eyelashes are not suitable for those who wear eyelashes for a long time. Therefore, mink hair becomes the best eyelash on the market and can be worn for a long time without hurting our eyes.
And the water mink is very beautiful, it will make our eyes look more natural, silk eyelashes will be thicker, very dramatic, but may not be suitable for our daily wear.
And the mink eyelashes are hand-made, there is not will happen the hair take off , and it is more matched with our eyelashes.
So overall, the eyelashes of the mink are better than the silk eyelashes. Although the money will be spent a little more than the other eyelashes at the beginning of the purchase, it is more suitable for our eyelash

So, If you want to wholesale mink lashes from eyelash manufacturer , we suggest to you chose the a Mink lasehs wholesale ,  but you know in the market so many mink eyelash vendors supply the silk eyelashes as the mink eyelasehs , so many customer was did not know it and after use it and know it is wrong one she chose .

So today ,I want to introducing the a reabile mink eyelash vendorDunhill Lashes , this is really a good mink eyelash vendor from China , their mink eyelashes was very beautiful and fashionable , so many style you can chose .

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False Mink Lashes Diary

False Eyelash Diary

commonly stalk false mink eyelashes

The stalks that support the mink eyelashes are black.

Advantages: strong, reusable; even light make-up can also have a distinct sense.

Shortcoming: the black stalk is slightly obvious;When you look down, can see the unnatural black lines; the hardness is large and easy to fall down.

Transparent stalk false eyelash

The stalk that supports the eyelashes is a transparent fishing line.

Advantages: it looks natural; it is soft and easy to paste; it can be cut into small segments to use.

Shortcomings: the strength of the eyelashes is weak, Use energetically will easier to get worse, and more transparent,So if you don’t draw eye lines, you eyes don’t have enough spirit

Pasting false eyelashes

More perfect pasting false eyelashes

  1. Before you stick the false eyelashes, you should finish the eye makeup first! If the eyelashes are too close to the root false eyelashes, it’s harder to stick, so don’t start the angle too much
  2. It will be more natural to stick eyelashes after the mascara is painted. Use tweezers when taking false eyelashes, so as not to tear the false eyelashes.So, dear, if you have any questions, or want to know more, you can leave us a message, we will help you solve what you want to know, and give you a pleasant eyelash experience.

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The Most Expensive But Best Looking Eyelash – Mink Lashes

Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes Will Be Lavish And The Priciest Appearing of All Mink Eyelashes

Although accessible as lash extensions, they’re typically seen as strip lashes which are implemented as when demanded.
Image result for Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes

Some of good looking eyes can talk thousands words as well as triggers someone’s look. Bear this in your mind, girls are fond of using various sorts of man-made techniques to produce an attractive eyes quality. In this dread, ordinary mink eyelashes extensions came to the style scenario.

Accentuating the female iconic look. Eyelash extensions could be pasted readily to the eyelid and so developing a lovely and daring appearances. Only wearing a constructed garments and set of shoes aren’t simply enough. You additionally have to concentrate on facial look.

Attaining a Natural Appearance
The very first thing which stands out with Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes extensions is how amazingly natural they feel and look to the touch. The individual lashes are generated from real mink pelt, so even the shade has that rich natural appearance to it. Once used, the lashes are supposed to seem just like yours but healthier, thicker, and longer than before.

The mink pelt is gotten in the tail of the creature and in general the Siberian or Chinese mink can be used. Be looking for mink eyelash extensions which can be marked as cruelty-free . This helps to ensure the mink fake eyelash extensions that you’re buying are sourced in this moral manner.

Keep in mind Siberian Mink Strip Eyelashes are made in a one-size fits all strategy. Which means you’ll probably desire to cut the length to match your appearance. This really is a customized strategy which will help make them appear natural.

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How to apply natural fake mink eyelashes ?

How To Apply Natural Fake Mink Eyelashes ?

1.When wearing the tweezers,it can be used to grip the middle of the eyelashes first align the eyes of which then stick both sides of the order after gluing. If two sides do not comfortable, you can use the flat head of the eyebrow pliers and then click and do not frequent blinking.

2.Wait about half a minute to open your eyes and you’re done.

3.Then there are still some modification work, along the eyelash terrier, at the end of the eye, make up a little eye liner. It is recommended to use eyeliner, because eyeliner lines are harder and look similar to eyelashes.

4.Put your eyelashes curled with an eyelash curler and insert it into the fake mink eyelashes (this step can also be done before wearing fake mink eyelashes).

If the eyelashes are very rare or short, you can omit this step. Be carefully, do not use eyelash mascara brushing on the eyelashes, so that it will only get a good grasp of the real eyelashes collapse again, it will make a mess of glue mascara blink when removing.

5.Mascara is actually useful, moreover, brush the eyelashes, because the eyelashes have been very thick, the lower lashes must be slightly modified and will be more coordinated.


If you have learned how to apply mink lasehs , next step , where do you buy the mink lashes ?  how is the quality of your orded mink lashes ? Today I tell you a good mink lashes vendor , you can order the mink lasehs click this websit :

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When I First Wore Mink Strip Eyelashes, I Had A Huge Discovery

When I First Wore Mink Strip Eyelashes, I Had A Huge Discovery

As a woman who walks in the front line of the trend, one of the conditions that must be possessed is beauty and self-confidence. Many people have different ways of pursuing beauty, but no matter what method they use, they cannot do without an important weapon–eyelashes.


There are a lot of 3d lashes on the market, all kinds of materials, various styles, I am a woman, of course, I am so obsessed with eyelashes. I have tried various types and various materials of eyelashes but only haven’t try the mink strip eyelashes.

Because I think it is cruel, it will bring harm to mink, so I can’t bear it and don’t dare to wear it. This caused the eyelashes that I had never worn the mink fur lashes.

But until today, I discovered that things are not as I thought, the eyelashes are actually cruelty free, and the mink lashes are made by collecting when the mink hairs Fall off. And it is also life in the wild. So I was so happy when I knew about this, because then I could try new mink lashes vendor I can make my beauty different.

So I started to buy the eyelashes of the mink. I started to wait for my eyelashes with excitement. I look forward to the moment I wear it.

Finally, my mink eyelashes arrive in my hands. Its hair is very soft and black. I can’t wait to wear it. The mink fur eyelash are really amazing. It is like my own eyelashes. It is especially natural. The eyelashes are also so soft, I am sure I have fallen in love with it, I think I will make a lot of purchases. The eyelashes are really amazing. I like it so much.

I hope that you can see this blog, and I hope that you can like them as much as I do. If you also want to buy the same eyelashes as me, I highly recommend Dunhill Lashes. Here you will find the eyelashes you like.

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Care / How To Use The Real Mink Fake Eyelashes 

Care / How To Use The Real Mink Fake Eyelashes 

The Dunhill mink lashes SHOP. Real mink fake eyelashes can be reused time and time again if cared for correctly.
Always handle with care, when removing your mink lashes from the mink lashes tray or after wear always gently pull from the cotton band and never pull from the individual mink lashes strand as this can damage the mink lashes and may alter the shape.

Refrain from applying mascara or serums to real mink fake eyelashes . We recommend to apply any product to your natural mink lashes before application of the false mink lashes.

After wear always run a cotton tip with oil-free make up remover along the cotton band to remove any excess glue.

Store your mink fake eyelashes in your  mink fake eyelashes  Boutique . The real mink fake eyelashes  box to keep safe and prolong the mink lashes quality.

Step 1: Measure and cut the mink lashes

Strip eye mink lashes are one size fits all. They’re made to be longer than you’ll need, so you have to cut them to the right length. To get the perfect length for your lids, hold the strip mink lashes up to your eyelid as if you’re about to apply it to determine how much to cut off. Then use scissors to trim it


Step 2: Apply Adhesive

Place a small, thin ribbon of eye mink lashes glue or eye mink lashes adhesive along the band of the mink fake eyelashes . Wait until it becomes tacky (not drippy). To make sure you don’t use too much adhesive, use a toothpick to apply the glue to the strip mink lashes. we recommend to wait around 30 seconds.

Step 3: Apply the  mink fake eyelashes

Use one hand to hold down your lid, and the other hand to press the strip to the base of your mink lashes. Use tweezers or a toothpick to help nudge it into place and press it to the lid with your finger until it sticks. Voila! You now have beautifully long real mink fake eyelashes !

Step 4: Apply Eyeliner

Apply a thin layer (just enough to cover the mink lashes band) of eyeliner over the mink lashes band to blend the eye mink lashes band into your eye lid.

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Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes 

Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes

Two beautiful big eyes need long Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes  to ornament,if there were no Mink Eyelashes,As you can imagine,It is really a big regret for ladies.There are only a few people have perfect Mink Eyelashes for easterners,But with the right approach,we can still get beautiful Mink Eyelashes.In fact,the criterion of  Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes  is simple- -long. There are several methods that I concluded for ladies.
A.Massage Method
lightly massages around eyes before sleep .nature is one of the main benefits. First,Put fingers up with your palm toward face.Then, put your hands on eyelid and it goes on 10 times everyday.This can not only care our Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes .but also has the function massaging eyes.

Choosing the right diet takes into account your health status.But note that the supplements of Vitamin E.
C.Select the appropriate Revitalash
This is the fastest ways to date,there are many good Revitalash in the market. Usually the Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes  will grow longer within 5 days if you use the Revitalash.But when you choose the Revitalash,you had better listen to and hear other people feedback.want to know more about Mink Eyelashes,please refer to our website  .

While loving beauty, we should pay attention to the harm brought by the beauty of appearance to our health. In order to reduce the harm caused by love and beauty, we should pay attention to the Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes  to bring pain. First of all, we have to recognize the most common mistakes we make during the use of Mink Eyelashes.
One, worry about using too many money, as far as possible to prolong the life of Mink Eyelashes or to buy very cheap false Mink Eyelashes;
Two, some people directly apply the glue on the eyelids. Some people want to make Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes thicker. One sticky is two or three layers. They stick for a long time, and are stimulated by glue for a long time, and the pulling when they are removed. They are prone to allergic contact dermatitis, and their eyes are red and swollen.

Three. Use oily skin care products or wash your face after 24 hours (only water is not! ). On the other hand, when you want to remove the Mink Eyelashes, use makeup oil or olive oil on the root of the Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes can be easily removed.
Four, wait until the glue is dry. Most of the glue is white in the beginning, but it’s transparent when it’s dry, so don’t worry about the white residue.
Five, worry about the glue dry so after squeezing out, immediately touch. We suggest that the lash root be covered with glue for 5 seconds and wait for the lash root when the glue is half dry. The time is just dry, firmly attached Mink Eyelashes to the root of the Mink Eyelashes. If the glue is very wet, it is put on the root of the eyelash. There is no effective glue that can not play a reinforcing role, and the tweezers loose , Wholesale 3D Invisible Band Mink Lashes will fall off.
Six, the use of Mink Eyelashes before the eye is not thoroughly cleaned, if oil around the eye, it will affect the durability of the glue.

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How to care for best 100% 3d mink eyelashes


How To Care For Best 100% 3D Mink Eyelashes

In fact, false eyelashes have gradually become an indispensable part of women’s make-up. However, for the cleaning and maintenance of false eyelashes, many MM are helpless. Generally good best 100% 3d mink eyelashes can not touch the water, but after the use of one or two times, if not thoroughly clean, it will lose the original appearance.
Today, we will teach you to fake eyelashes to clean and maintain false eyelashes, and it will not deform. If you have special makeup remover or remover, it will be very convenient. Remove makeup water; pour on the make-up cotton and wipe it out slowly. Clean up with a cotton stick at the end. Cleansing milk; to a point in the cotton eyes closed enough to let cleansing milk and then fully glue OK fusion.

Unload the false eyelashes, gently unload, do not tear hard! When tearing, as close as possible to the root of the best 100% 3d mink eyelashes, before tearing, first use the hand to distinguish between the true and false eyelashes. Make sure that you have a false eyelash, not a true lash, When tearing, tearing from the end of the eye to the head of the eye is better.. If you want to make false eyelashes longer, not to use the eye makeup remover. Apply to tear! Of course, the best 100% 3d mink eyelashes must not be applied once. If you don’t mind some very short life, hope to use the uninstall liquid and then deposited over the tear can be torn down. Every time, the false eyelash root will have to get rid of the glue, if you do not try to clean up the root of the eyelash glue will be more and more thick eyelashes itself is very thin very soft stems will be because of these deposits the glue thick eyelashes that life is short!

Removal Of Lash Glue:

The water of the ice can be compared with the sticky alcohol of the make-up cotton. Then gently wrap the torn eyelash root to let the 2 lashes root completely wrapped in the make-up cotton, about 10 minutes over. You will find the root of the dry and hard rubber and become white, and very very soft. At this time try to take a hand close to the root of the best 100% 3d mink eyelashes in one hand and tweezers slowly tear off the mascara generally can also be removed very clean.After you tear it up, you can slightly bend your eyelashes, move the roots into natural arcs to make up for the eyelash deformation caused by the tear of eyelashes and the glue removed from the eyelashes, and put them back into your box.

How To Clean And Maintain The False Eyelashes

Maintenance of false eyelashes
Although the false eyelashes are delicate and delicate, they are very fragile, so be very careful when they are used. From the box out, do not pinch with its side pull, to follow the direction of eyelash, fingers gently removed from the eyelids; when peeled off, the middle to pinch the best 100% 3d mink eyelashes? “Suddenly” down to avoid pulling action in a clean manner, two or three hair pulling down. Used to thoroughly remove the false eyelashes adhesive above, neatly into the box. Do not stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil and so on to false eyelashes, otherwise it will dirty and destroy false eyelashes.

Knowledge of the process of cleaning and maintenance:

1. in the cleaning of false eyelashes, false eyelashes to clean with special unloading eye makeup remover water, rub the best 100% 3d mink eyelashes with a cotton press, first from the root, then the front part, the action must be light, otherwise it can’t be recycled.
2.the soaking time is at least 1 hours, the longer the soaking time is more easy to clean, and it is also less easy to damage best 100% 3d mink eyelashes;
3. the whole cleaning process absolutely never stick to the water, especially the eyelashes of human hair;
4. must use the paper towel to remove the makeup oil, so that it will not affect the next use.

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