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What Kind Of Mink Eyelashes Should You Buy?

What Kind Of Eyelashes Should I Buy?

Have you ever wondered why the celebrities are so beautiful, exquisite makeup, long eyelashes?
Because some of them will choose to extend the eyelashes or wear 3d mink eyelashes, so now the problem is there. Is it better to choose eyelash extension, or is it better to have a single eyelash?
First : Eyelash Extension:
Eyelash extension is also very popular now, because eyelash extension is the most suitable for some busy people, because as long as the first time it takes a long time to wear our eyelash extension, it will last for a few weeks or a few In the month, there is no need to worry that our eyelashes will fall in the water. Greatly reduced our concerns about time. Therefore, eyelash extension is a good choice for some beautiful women.

Second: 3D Mink Eyelashes
The true 100% mink eyelashes, our mink eyelashes are made from real Siberian mink fur. And we will never hurt the mink, we just collected them in the season of hair loss.
And the advantage of wearing water lashes is that you can change your style at any time. Different styles of eyelashes can be worn in different places, and we also have the 16mm mink lashes ,18mm mink lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes  ,which can bring a different experience. Therefore, our mink eyelashes are a big advantage for those who enter and exit on different occasions.

So which kind of eyelashes should be bought, you can choose according to different situations. No matter which kind of eyelashes you choose, we can provide the best quality eyelashes. Because we are the best EYELASH VENDORS, if you want to know more about eyelashes or want to buy our eyelashes, you are welcome to contact us, we give the best service, and the highest quality products.
Looking forward to receiving your messanges. we will see you next time!

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Know More About The Mink Lashes Information

Know More About The Mink Lashes Information

Mink have an extremely short hair on their body and is a carnivorous animal. The hair from their body then processed and is brushed off without harming them, sterilized and are created as eyelashes. These lashes are usually weighted less and are regarded as the most effective choice, as they give a real look which any woman would desire.
You’ve not given them a try as of yet, or whether you’ve used 3d mink eyelashes before, the newest offering is one that is getting lots of focus from women all over the world. These aren’t your grandma’s false eyelashes’ that is for sure. So here’s the question – Let us take a closer look as of this beauty merchandise.

Achieving a Natural Appearance
The individual lashes are created from real mink fur, so even the shade has that rich natural look to it. The lashes are supposed to look just like yours but thicker, healthier, and longer than in the past, and the mink lashes now is very very hot sell and popular.
The mink fur is taken from the tail of the animal, and in general the Chinese or 25mm Siberian mink is used. Be on the lookout for mink eyelash extensions that are marked as cruelty-free. This ensures that the mink fake eyelash extensions that you are buying are sourced in this way that is ethical.
Customize Your Lashes to Perfect the Fit
Now keep in mind false eyelashes are created in a one size fits all strategy, and that means you’ll probably want to reduce the length to suit your look. That is a customized strategy that will help make them look natural.

An alternative will be to use individual lashes. Individual lashes are small bunches where you pick, which you can place. Maybe you don’t want false eyelashes across your entire eye; this is no problem when you use individual eyelashes. You could possibly choose to place them only on end for that dramatic, eye-catching look.
They’re going to come pre- in a rich, sleek dark shade and curled. It is possible to add your chosen mascara allowing the false lashes to combine along with your natural lashes, providing you with a perfect look.
so dear now the mink lashes is so hot,u can trying it, the mink lashes wll nuatral and size your eyes dear.hope u can change beautiful .and hope u can find a good Eyelash Vendors Can Wholesale the best mink lashes .

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Wholesale Dunhill Lashes DH011 3D Mink Lashes

Wholesale Dunhill Lashes DH011 3D Mink Lashes

Today, let’s introduce the 25mm big eyelashes that are very popular on the market recently. I am honored to say that this eyelash is the original of our company, and we are very happy that our new design can be pursued by so many hobbies.
Then we will introduce our Eleventh 25mm large eyelashes today–DH011 3D mink lashes

DH011 The Eleventh style of our big 3d mink lashes is very beautiful, natural and easy to wear.
Design style: The main feature of this mink eyelash is the introverted in the wild, the fans who like exaggeration will feel just right, and the lovers who like nature also will feel just right, very suitable although the length is 25mm, but it will not be excessively exaggerated, but it is natural and easy to wear.
Design material: Our eyelash stems are made of cotton stalks, which are soft, eye-catching and easy to wear.
The main material of our eyelashes is pure Siberian mink fur, which is absolutely cruelty free, no damage to small animals, and our eyelashes are done by hand, each pair of DH011 25mm mink strp lashes is symmetrical, and Even if it is a big order, our pair of eyelash styles will not appear different. And can be worn repeatedly.

So dear, if you want to know more about big eyelashes, and want buy our DH series big DH011 Eyelash Vendors , you can contact us, we will give you the best advice.
Next, I will introduce you to our other styles of large mink eyelashes, hoping to help everyone

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Dunhill Lashes DH004 Mink Eyelashes

Dunhill Lashes DH004 Mink Eyelashes

Today, let’s introduce the 25mm mink strip eyelashes that are very popular on the market recently. I am honored to say that this eyelash is the original of our company, and we are very happy that our new design can be pursued by so many hobbies.
Then we will introduce our fourth 25mm large eyelashes today–DH004 3D mink lashes 

DH004 The fourth style of our big eyelashes is very beautiful, natural and easy to wear.
Design style: This design of the eyelashes is very similar to the DH002, but it is slightly different. The only difference is that this eyelash is very hot sell. Now many customers come to buy our eyelashes. Need to book, because there are too many customers now, so if you need it, be sure to contact us in advance..
Design material: Our eyelash stems are made of cotton stalks, which are soft, not eye-catching and easy to wear.
The main material of our eyelashes is pure Siberian mink fur, which is absolutely cruelty free, no damage to small animals, and our eyelashes are done by hand, each pair of eyelashes is symmetrical, and Even if it is a big order, our pair of eyelash styles will not appear different. And can be worn repeatedly.
So dear, if you want to know more about big eyelashes, and want buy our DH series big eyelash vendors wholesale, you can contact us, we will give you the best advice.
Next, I will introduce you to our other styles of large eyelashes, hoping to help everyone

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Method Of Ensuring That The Eyelashes Are Not Damaged

Method Of Ensuring That The Eyelashes Are Not Damaged

We are now more and more demanding for 3d mink eyelashes, and there are more and more eyelash styles. Our choice is more and more, which is good news for us.
We can choose the style that suits you according to your own needs, to show your confidence and your own unique temperament.
Then there is a problem, that is, when we go out, we will wear different eyelashes according to different occasions, and we will bring a few pairs of eyelashes with you, so the eyelashes should be placed where they will not be damaged.

Many people can’t find a suitable container or box to store it, and sometimes some suppliers or sellers don’t provide packaging. This is a trouble for us, like but there is no eyelash packaging,
But don’t worry, I will tell you the good news, that is, Dunhill Lashes can provide a single package, we can also support small buyers want to buy a box, our boxes are divided into many kinds, there are paper cassettes, and Plastic boxes, our boxes can also be added with a private logo, so don’t worry at all, a variety of good-looking boxes can be chosen, as long as you want, we can provide.

Or wholesale mink lashes you are a big wholesaler, want to wholesale some boxes to sell to your own customers, we can also do, and there will be a wholesale price, the more the quantity, the lower the cost, the cheaper the price will be And we also support customization, you can send us your own logo, we will design your own box for you.
So dear, don’t worry about the problem of the box, we will solve this big problem for you. If you still have something to understand, you can always send us a message, I believe we will be a good eyelash vendors. I look forward to working with you and hope that our article can help you.

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The Difference Of Mink, Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions

The Difference Of Mink, Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions

We have this problem when using eyelash extensions – what kind of material is the best.
The main materials for eyelash extension are silk, mink and synthetic materials. Each of these three materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which one you can choose is better.
First of all: Synthetic eyelash extension: Synthetic eyelash extension is made of polished acrylic material, which is characterized by its firmness, and in terms of appearance, the gloss of synthetic eyelashes is the best, and if the eyelashes used are thicker, it will be quite Dramatic.
Although they have a variety of thicknesses and curls, they are particularly natural to use, and are very dramatic and popular with women, while synthetic eyelash extensions also maintain good curl.

Second: silk eyelash extension: silk eyelash extension is not very heavy, it is more delicate and more flexible than synthetic eyelash extension, because silk will be more soft, it looks natural, although sometimes They are as thick as synthetic eyelashes, but their true weight is indeed lighter and will last longer than synthetic eyelashes.
silk eyelashes are also one of the most popular choices to date, as they are more full and natural to wear.
Finally: minkeyelash extension: For mink fur lashes, many people worry that we are cruel and will kill animals. However, please be assured that there is no harm to animals in our country. Our mink fur is collected when the hair is lost. There is no harm at all.

The eyelashes of the mink are completely different from the other two types of eyelashes. They are very very natural. I want my eyelashes to be as soft and realistic as they are. It is also very smooth. Even if it gets wet, it won’t lose its curl and it will be very The lightness, we will soak the mink fur in the milk when making eyelashes, make it more shiny, and the longevity of the eyelashes of the mink fur is the longest. So it is the best relative to the other two.
Of course, if you have other comments, please send us a message, or if you want to wholesale mink lashes, please contact us, we will be your best eyelash vendors.

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Take You Find Best Mink Lashes.

Take You Find Best Mink Lash Vendors

A few days ago, I talked about a customer from the United States. He told me that he wanted to start selling eyelashes and let me give him the best quality mink eyelashes. I sent him the catalog of our highest quality mink lashes, he said He liked it very much. He told me that he found several suppliers to check the quality of eyelashes before he found us. Because he is a makeup artist, he has a fixed source of customers, and these customers are some quality customers, he don’t want to sell them to poor quality 3d mink lashes, so he is constantly monitoring and constantly searching.

At the beginning, he felt that the price of mink eyelashes should be in the range of 2-3 dollars, so he was very happy to buy samples, but when he saw the mink lash, he thought that the supplier he chose might not be good, and he changed again. he went to buy a sample, but when he received the 3d lashes again, he began to reflect on what was wrong.
So he made up his mind to set aside the price constraint and he chose us. Our price was not as cheap as he had found before, so we sent him a sample of it.

Our customers are very happy. He is excited to tell me that if you choose us early, some products are not expensive, but they are definitely worth the price we are a good mink lashes vendor.
So he ordered a lot of eyelashes from us. He said that he sold very good and would order it again. We are also very happy, so that our eyelashes can be recognized and liked by more people.
So I want to say that don’t let the price pull away from our distance, good eyelashes are worth it.

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What About The Mink Lashes Cost Price

What About The Mink Lashes Cost Price

There are a lot of people who want to know the price of eyelashes. I guess that people who might ask this question want to start the business of eyelashes. Generally, people who buy eyelashes don’t care too much about the cost of eyelashes because he doesn’t If you buy an eyelash and lose a lot of money, he won’t be very rich because he buys a pair of eyelashes.

Today I will explain to you the cost and price of eyelashes.
The mink eyelashes are produced and Wholesale in China . The price of ordinary mink eyelashes in the general market in China is 10 yuan, which is about 1.5 dollars. Some slightly better quality prices are about 20 yuan, which is equivalent to 3 dollars. If they sell to customers, Need to add their profit of 1 US dollar, about 4 US dollars, the best price of eyelashes on the market is 30 RMB, about 5 US dollars, plus a profit of about 6 US dollars wholesale mink lashes price. this lever

Today I recommend to you a Mink Eyelash Vendors Dunhill lashes  :  , their price is about this range, this is not the most important, the most important thing is that their mink eyelash quality is very good, I dare not say it is the best, but I use The best among the eyelashes

You definitely want to know what is the difference between the $1.5 eyelash and the $6 eyelash?
Today, I will tell you why the price difference of mink eyelashes is so big?
1. The source of mink lashes lashes, good raw materials are three times more expensive than bad raw materials. The bad raw materials are the hair of mink, which is very short, and many hairs have no hair tips. Good mink hair are on the tail. a very small part, because the hair is very small, so the price is very expensive
2. Treatment process, the cheap mink lashes treatment requires 5 steps, but the high-grade mink lashes treatment requires 10 processes, and the different processes deal with the lower 3D effect of the hair.
3. Manual processing speed, cheap mink lashes artificially do more than 100 a day, good mink lashes can only do 10 a day, do 10 mink lashes to make worker and meticulous, the product is made flawless, but only by quantity The quality and appearance of the mink lashes that are made naturally are very bad.

Regarding the retail price of American mink wool, the retail price in the United States is generally between 20-39 US dollars. Retailers have enough profit margins, but some sellers only want to drive down prices, but suppliers have no profit. Suppliers Without profit, the production will be increased, the quality of the mink will be reduced, and the process will be reduced. The cost will be saved a lot in several links, but the quality of the product will be much lower.

In this way, the supplier will send the goods to you in this way. If you are a person who has just started to do eyelash business, you may not know the quality of the product. When you sell the goods to your customers, many of your customers will You feedback problems, you will lose a lot of customers at the same time.

There is a question: Why can’t a product with a retail price between $20 and $30 raise the price of a product that is procured (such product quality is reliable, it can increase your brand and increase your sales). Many customers will only pursue low prices. Price, possibly a moment of high profits, a permanent small business,

We can sometimes think about it, you will find a big company, or a big brand can not be supported by good products? The answer is impossible. Good products are fundamental to all businesses.

Therefore, I suggest that customers, reduce small interests, to create a larger market and profit is essential. If you want to do big business, earn more money in the eyelash business, and you want to continue to do this business, a good product is essential.
The price of high quality mink is between $5.5 and $7. You give the wholesaler a profit of $1. You only have to reduce the profit from the original $20 by only $1. I don’t think you have much loss, but instead let you The business is easier to do, the customer feedback is less, and good products will make your brand effect rise rapidly. The home of a good brand also needs capital investment. The good product saves more money in the brand. Dollar, do u think dear?

After you review the detial informaiton ,I Think you will know how to how to wholesale Mink Eyelashes from the Eyelash Vendor OR Mink Eyelash Manufacturer

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How To Use Vitamin E To Make Mink Eyelahes Thick Slender ?

How To Use Vitamin E To Make Mink Eyelahes Thick Slender ?

Go to the pharmacy to buy vitamin E capsules, vitamin E capsules are made of vitamin E dissolved in vegetable oil, referred to as vitamin E oil.

Take an old mascara brush, wash the stuff above, and then spread the oil evenly on it, then brush the brush with Mink Eyelahes. In addition, vitamin E oil on the thickening of the eyebrows is also very effective, eyebrows sparse pale MM can try oh ~! Victoria E oil wipe good after do not wash off, let it natural absorption just fine. Victoria E oil can not only make Mink Eyelahes longer, you can also make lashes thicker! In addition, I make a small suggestion, we best smear before going to bed every day, get up the next day you will find Mink Eyelahes naturally Alice up!

Add that: In fact, cod liver oil, olive oil, Ve capsules are available, the use of Victoria E’s MM said the direct effect of E coated Mink Eyelahes may have side effects, is the president of the fat particles, but also vary. As long as painted carefully, do not get into the eyes, around the eyes have to wipe off, much better ~ ~

1, castor oil or olive oil

Night, rubbed with castor oil or olive oil, can promote Mink Eyelahes growth, dense. This is an ancient method, although slow, but it does. In addition, add small pieces of lemon peel pieces, daily rubbed, make lashes more beautiful.

2, liquid protein

Liquid protein is a supplementary food, applied every evening, can enhance the strength and length of Mink Eyelahes.

3, Vaseline

Vaseline rubbed every night and morning, help prevent or correct broken Mink Lashess.

4, vitamin D

Cut a vitamin D capsules per night, pat on the eyelids and Mink Eyelahes, once every 3 months, can produce significant results.

Carefully Mink Eyelahes a month, next month there may be a big surprise waiting for you Oh!

Use cod liver oil to grow Mink Eyelahes and eyebrows

Vitamin E method is only temporary, our human body naturally eyelashes will fall off, you also need to spend time after falling out of growth, if you want to immediately effective, we recommend that you buy this site , where the quality of eyelashes is the best, wear After you change back on the more beautiful, where the use of a large number of lashes will not be deformed

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How to choose the most suitable for the eye type according to the eyelashes?

How To Choose The Most Suitable For The Eye Type According To The Eyelashes?


If you want to steal the spotlight in the crowd, eye makeup is very important! Of course,that is not good choice without curly and warped eyelashes If you are “congenitally deficient,” do not worry depressing, as long as the use of false mink eyelashes, the effect of high-altitude skyscrapers can still do!

Now take a look at how to select the most eye-catching according to the type of eye-catching eyelashes.Be quickly condemned.


Whether you are LORI or Royal Sister type,you should look at the mirror to take a good look at their own eyes, it will secretly tell you what kind of false mink eyelashes is best for you, how to choose how to read it!

Eye type 1 – Semicircular smile eye

Best Match false mink eyelashes: Natural dense interlaced false mink eyelashes

Always smiling eyes look a bit like a kind old lady? Eyelash extension or cross-mesh design of false mink eyelashes is rejuvenating, filled with youth’s best helper.

Elongated eye type can increase the sense of charming, natural thick intertwined eyelashes, make eyes look full of clever breath, so you never laugh how never obviously old.

Eye type 2 – Little watery round eyes

Best Match false mink eyelashes: Swing false mink eyelashes

Think round eyes too innocent, owed persuasion? Pick for yourself a pair of eye-curling fake eyelashes elongated eyelashes, round eyes can naturally appear streamlined. If your bark big eye soon to fall out, then the short and Alice false mink eyelashes style most suitable for you however


Eye type 3 – Deep double eyelid

Best Match false mink eyelashes: false mink eyelashes with transparent roots

Double eyelid girls always make up the best makeup, then choose the root of the transparent false makeup fake eyelashes most motivated, 100% docile false mink eyelashes is the masters of camouflage.

In addition, the double eyelid open at the time there will be no signs of eyelids out of the folder, the best choice when bonding transparent glue close to the roots of their lash sticky.

Eye Type 4 – Vintage Dan Feng eyes

Best Match false mink eyelashes: Enhance the middle of the false mink eyelashes

Choose to strengthen the middle of the style can enhance the look, adjust slightly to pick the eye type, increase intimacy, rapid vitality soaring. However, long, but Alice natural false mink eyelashes are to create a good partner, the best choice of hair slightly fake eyelashes, even if suddenly flashing eyes are not easy to droop.

Eye Type 5 – East-style single eyelid

Best Match false mink eyelashes: Slim false mink eyelashes

There is no doubt that false mink eyelashes is definitely a single eyelid crush dream gospel! Especially in the paste after the false mink eyelashes, even if the eyes did not expose the fake traces, completely covered by the upper eyelid.

May wish to use this natural advantage to easily create magnifying eyelashes! Select a pair of curly enough slender type false mink eyelashes, the more Alice more powerful, eyes open when not afraid to be rolled into the eyelid and dropped.


If you want to find a mink lashes wholesale ,  please click to enter the site This is a good mink lasehs vendor , they are supply popular high-quality MINK EYELASHES .

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