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The Best-selling 6 Style Eyelash Packaging Boxes

The Best-selling 6 Style Eyelash Packaging Boxes

People rely on clothes and horses rely on on the saddle.
We need a beautiful packaging when selling eyelashes. If the quality of your eyelashes is not so good, but if you use a very high-end box, it will show that your eyelashes are very luxurious. Next I will recommend the best 6 boxes we sell.
The first marble box.
This box can be packed with any logo, which can be said to be a very versatile box. Luxurious look with a rose gold base inside the box. very beautiful.

The second is a hot pink star flash box.
This box is very popular with customers and can be customized on the top of the box. The popular pink plus star flash paper is shiny and very stylish.

The third is a pure rose gold box.
This box is designed with an overall rose gold. Luxury, high-end, and the logo is even more beautiful. It is very popular and popular now.

The fourth is our transparent acrylic box.
This box is a fully transparent design. The cardboard of the box has a lot of colors, you can choose your favorite floor paper. And our box logo can be used without paste. We can print directly on the box, and if you don’t have a logo, don’t worry, we have a team of professional designers who can help you design your own logo.

The fifth diamond box
The front and back of our boxes are printable, so add your logo on the front, add your social information on the back, or the sentence you want to add, it’s perfect.

The sixth box with 4 pairs of eyelashes.
And our box plus logo only takes 3-5 days to deliver. This is very fast speed.

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