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Here is the bottom lashes catalogue and wholesale eyelashes price zone. Many people will care about the price of the product when they buy it. Here I will show you all the catalogues of eyelashes and mink eyelashes wholesale price.Includ the wholesale mink lashes price,

You can choose the eyelash price you like and the bottom mink lashes style, and you can also go to our bottom eyelash store to choose the style you like. When you choose, you can pay us at And leave a message to us, we will deliver the goods within 24 hours. When you choose the mink fur lashes you need, please add freight 30 dollars to the total price, which will be the final price of your order. If you still have any questions that you don’t understand, you can also send me a message. My email is and my whatsapp: +8617864383910.











About Lashes Packaging

For the packaging of eyelashes, we mainly have two kinds. If you order eyelashes, but don’t want to order the box, don’t worry. If you don’t order the packaging, we will also use a free one outside your eyelashes when transporting the eyelashes. The cover is packaged to ensure that the eyelashes are not pinched or damaged.

(2) Of course, we also provide custom packaging. If you want to order packaging on our side, we can have a lot of styles. I will send you our catalog, you can choose the style you like, we You will also design your favorite box for you with your logo.

So don’t worry about dear, we will provide you with the best packaging and the best service.

Is the sample the same as the wholesale product ?

Many customers will encounter such problems. The quality of the samples received at the beginning is the best, and the shape is the same as the picture. When they decided to pay for the big quantity goods, tfound the same model the style is different. Resulting in no way to sell. But our products are different. We are all handmade. The workers will make eyelashes according to the drawings. The amount of materials used for each pair of eyelashes is the same. If we find that the style of the eyelashes is different, we will not take him. And not sales to customers, so there will be no different eyelash styles of the same model. If you order our eyelashes, the same style of eyelashes is different. We are willing to accept the return service and exchange goods until you are satisfied.

Bottom Mink Lashes Feature

1.Less, so treasure

Handmade: the most skilled workers can only do 10 pairs one day. Each pair of eyelashes is crafted and innately luxurious.


Basic parameters

Length: 5-17mm Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm Tilt: 30-45*

All parameters can be customized, as long as the customer wants, we can achieve.

3.Uniqueness, eyelashes that will breathe

Stereotype process: hot processing (product characteristics: higher temperature and curling type)

Safety: Non-chemical processing, pollution-free and pollution-free, beauty will not affect your health.


All models are independently developed and designed. Each model is customized according to various environments, perfect for life, work, shopping, dating, Patty environment. Follow the trend to introduce new styles, all styles can be customized.

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ?

We sincerely look forward to working with every value customer for the greatest development and win-win situation in the long term cooperation.If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.

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