Now Mink Eyelashes And Lash Boxes Are The Best Sellers (2)?

Now Mink Eyelashes And Lash Boxes Are The Best Sellers (2)?

Dear, little cute, I am back.
Yesterday we introduced the best-selling mink strip lashes styles. Today, let’s talk about the styles of our best-selling lashes boxes.
First of all, before I introduce, I want to talk about our company’s box business. Many people will come over and ask if our box contains customized Service, I can definitely tell everyone that our company is support for customization, if you like our box style is just

If u want to put the logo on the box. We support it, but if you have your own box, you want us to follow your box to do it, we also support it. So don’t worry about dear, we will meet your needs.
Although we can do any kind of box, we also have requirements when making boxes Production requirements: For new customers, if you want to customize the box, we will do it for free according to your requirements before you pay Design draft, if you still want to modify, you can pay first or 30% deposit, we will modify it many times until you are satisfiedSo we will eventually give you a design draft, until you confirm it will be produced for us, and our production date is 7-10 days.

After our production is completed, we will send you a video confirmation, we will arrange delivery when you confirm. Will be based on you Ask for the courier you want. So that you can receive your goods as soon as possible.

Now I will introduce the style of the popular box to everyone:

First: transparent diamond box
This one is the most popular box we have recently, and many customers buy it. This box is transparent and shaped like a diamond.It’s very beautiful, it’s beautiful from different angles, and it’s clear to see the lashes inside the box. Often light and easy to carry, and very temperament.
This is a picture of the box, if you like, you can contact us.

Second: paper card diamond box
This box is also called a diamond box, because its shape is a diamond shape, even the eyelash tray is diamond-shaped, very Beautiful, we can do boxes of different colors, you can customize your logo on it and we can also use a variety of colors The color of the star flash paper or the material of the laser paper, the box made is diversified, so this is also our explosion, the beauty.Beautiful girl can think about it.
You can choose the one you like by the photos below.

Third: square window box
Our box is popular at the fastest speed. We can do a lot of materials in this square box.The color is very popular with snakeskin material. Now our box is not limited to this kind of material, our The boxes are varied and will also show our eyelashes very well, mainly for eyelashes of all lengths.
Very suitable, so dear, I am looking forward to your choice.
Here is our box photo

Fourth: Eyelash Book
The last one is our eyelash book. Our eyelash book is very luxurious and can play the role of displaying eyelashes. Intuitively see our different types of eyelash styles. And our eyelashes are also available in a variety of different types.
With 3 pairs of eyelashes, 4 pairs of eyelashes, 5 pairs of eyelashes, 6 pairs of eyelashes, and 16 pairs of eyelashes, you can have different sizes.This is also our particularly popular box.
Below is a picture of our eyelash book.

These are the best-selling styles of our eyelashes box, I hope to provide helpful information, we will have other than these

Different boxes, if you don’t like the ones we recommend, you can also choose our other styles. Of course if you still have more Good choices, better box shapes or designs can also be supported, and we welcome your comments very much.
If you like our box and want to know more information, you are welcome to send us a message, and you are very welcome to order us Box, we will give you the best service and will be the best supplier of eyelashes and boxes

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