25mm Mink Lashes

25MM Siberian Mink Lashes

I am very happy that you have found our 25mm mink lashes large lashes page. Here you will see the long-awaited big mink eyelashes. Our large eyelashes are made of Siberian mink, the eyelashes are handmade, and our eyelashes are soaked in milk to make the eyelashes shiny. and the 25mm mink eyelashes are designed and produced by our factory, so you can order them with confidence, and our factory can provide customized. If you have better ideas or want eyelash styles, as long as you have clear pictures. Or design drawings, we can customize your own style for you. So dear, if you want to buy or learn more about our 25mm mink eyelashes, please continue to browse our page or send us a message.

DL Series 25MM Mink Lashes 

DH Series 25MM Mink Lashes

Our Mink Lashes other Service

Does it support customization?
In addition to the above introduction, we can also customize according to the needs of customers. You can send us the eyelash styles you want or the design drawings of the eyelashes. We can also customize the ones you want.
Is our eyelashes really hairy?
Dear, you can rest assured that our eyelashes are handmade by pure mink, mainly collected during the hair removal of the otter, using the longest and most beautiful tail hair of the dragonfly, if you find our Eyelashes are not pure mane, we support return service.
Can it be reused?
Our products are reusable because our stems are made of cotton and edible rubber. The stems are soft and the stems of the eyelashes can be soaked in water, so our eyelashes can be reused, just be careful. Care can be repeated 20-25 times.
What are the advantages of our comparison with our peers?
Our products are designed by our chief designers, the styles are our own unique, relatively new, and are relatively popular in the market, and we deliver on time, quality is stable
What can our eyelashes bring to the eyelash market?
Innovative styles have become the makers and frontrunners of the market trend
What can our eyelash points bring to the wholesaler?
Continuous ordering, creating an indispensable product for the brand


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