Attention Please! At Present, This Kind Of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Is The Best Seller!

Attention Please! At Present, This Kind Of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Is The Best Seller!

Hello everyone, I am very happy to continue to share our experience in mink lash vendors wholesale and help more customers who have just started eyelash business.

25mm mink lashes wholesale

mink eyelash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes

Nowadays, many customers’ eyelash business has started very smoothly, so that they started to have their own eyelash brand.
Then the problem comes. With your own eyelash brand, you will have a custom eyelash packaging boxes with your own brand. What kind of box is the best seller? Now I will introduce it to you and will not use it with other eyelash suppliers. The same box can have a very high-end and very cheap box.

3d mink lashes wholesale vendors

25mm mink lashes wholesale lash vendors mink

First transparent rectangular acrylic box.
This box, if we want to add our own logo, there are two ways, one is to do the logo paste, and the other is to print the logo on the box. And the cardboard of our box can be changed color, you can buy 10 boxes, you need 10 kinds of cardboard, which is equivalent to spending a box of money to buy 10 different boxes, is it quite equivalent? It’s worth it. This one is definitely something to consider.

eyelash case

custom lash packaging custom lash boxes

Next is our marble box.
Regarding this box, we can do it like a traditional box, only white, we will have a lot of color such as red, black, purple, gray and white, this is also the most in our company. The best-selling, and very high-end.

false eyelash packaging

custom eyelash boxes


custom eyelash packaging cheap eyelashes

The last is our diamond box,
The appearance of the diamond box doesn’t have to be a lot. The appearance of this box is very tasteful, and we have a variety of different materials, very hot pink, or very popular star flash paper material. Very beautiful and luxurious.

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale eyelash box

These models are our best-selling models, very many orders, and a lot of choices. We look forward to our will be your most loyal eyelash vendors.

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