Custome Eyelash Packaging With A Minimum Order Quantity Of 30

Custome Eyelash Packaging With A Minimum Order Quantity Of 30

Dunhill lashes company is the most professional eyelash vendors, we have the most professional eyelash design team, the latest eyelash style, and the best-selling Custom Eyelash Packaging box.

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Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes

We have a lot of styles about our Custom Eyelash Boxes.There are big eyelash books, there are also 4 small eyelashes books, and even we have a box that can hold eyelashes, eyelash tweezers and eyelash glue together.

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Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Our boxes will be constantly updated, and we can provide free logos, just you need to provide your brand name.For customers who are just starting the eyelash business, Custom Eyelash Boxes are difficult because most eyelash suppliers customize the eyelash packaging box to require a minimum order quantity of 100. This number is very large, 100 boxes means you also need 100 eyelashes. This is a big sum of money. It is a crazy price. So this often makes our customers very headaches and difficult choices.

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Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Lash Packaging Vendor

In order to help our customers solve this problem, our company has launched a custom eyelash box that only requires 30 orders for the MOQ.We will have our own eyelash catalogue, you can choose the box on our catalog.

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Custom Eyelashes Boxes Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

There is no need to worry about the style is not new enough, because we are usually the trend-setting Custom Eyelash Box Supplier. We support adding your brand name or your social information in front of the box and behind the box. These are all possible, and our production time only takes 2-4 days.

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Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box Custom Lash Cases

Complete the customer’s custom eyelash packaging box in the fastest time.So dear, if you are a customer who has just started eyelash business, you are welcome to contact us, we will be your best choice, and we will be your best eyelash vendors, and the best custom eyelash box supplier.

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private label eyelash boxes eyelashes packaging box

I look forward to seeing you start your eyelash business together!!!

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