What Do You Need to Know About The Eyelash Extensions?

What Do You Need to Know About The Eyelash Extensions?

Many people think a lot about their own eyelashes, because everyone wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes and beautiful eyelashes. If you want the longest and thickest eyelashes, you have two options, one is to wear 3d mink eyelashes and the other is to use eyelash extensions.
So everyone will worry about choosing which one is better?
So today we will talk about eyelash extension first.
Just be sure to know something before doing eyelash extension.

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Schedule an appointment
Before we do eyelash extension, we must conduct some research and investigation to see which salons are in our area. Be sure to choose a better salon. Once you have chosen, make an appointment by phone and spend some time discussing with their professionals so they will listen to you and give you the best solution. This is very It’s important to make sure you have enough time to make an appointment.

Make sure that you don’t wear makeup to do eyelash extension
Do not wear any cosmetics when we go to make eyelash extensions. Also make sure that the eyelashes don’t curl, which will make it difficult for their designers to prevent eyelash expansion. Also be careful not to use eye creams and oily cosmetics, as it will interfere with the stickiness of the eyelash glue, so that the final result will not be so good.

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Be patient
One thing we need to know before we do eyelash extension is that it will take a long time. You need to lie down for two or three hours. Although it takes a long time, the final result is really worthwhile.

Very important 24 hours
Once our eyelashes are expanded, be sure to avoid eyelashes within 24 hours to avoid steam, bathing or swimming pools, etc., because water will destroy our eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall, so be sure to avoid water and in the early stages. Use cosmetics. As long as you have passed these 24 hours, you will soon be able to go out to play.

Here, the eyelash extension will be finished. In the next one or two months, as long as you take good care, you can go out beautifully, and you won’t worry about swimming eyelashes falling off.

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Ok, today’s eyelash extension is introduced here, I hope this blog can help you. I also hope that you can spend every day is beautiful.
For the wearing of the 3d mink eyelashes, we will introduce it next time.and hope we can become your good eyelash vendors
I hope that you have a good day and a good mood.

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