How Can Increase The Use Time Of Mink Eyelashes?

How Can Increase The Use Time Of Mink Eyelashes?

In order to make our eyes look beautiful, we will choose to wear false 3d mink eyelashes. We spend a lot of money to buy the best quality mink lashes, so how to increase the use time of eyelashes has become a concern for us.
So I hope that I can help you solve this problem, so I wrote this blog to share with you.
First of all, when we take off the eyelashes, do not pull hard, use the wet method as much as possible. Then slowly take the eyelashes off.

Secondly, do not apply a series of cosmetics such as mascara and eye shadow to the eyelashes. It is necessary to draw the eye makeup first to wear the false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes can be kept clean, which will not affect the next use, and can also be cleaned well.

The third point: Do not apply mascara on the eyelashes, because we can’t remove the mascara from the eyelashes, only throw the eyelashes away, so we can use the eyelash brush to comb the false eyelashes before wearing the false eyelashes.

Finally, don’t pull our false eyelashes directly when we remove makeup, this will loose our eyelids, and if the false eyelashes stick together, if the pull will hurt, the false eyelashes will also deform, we You can use a cotton swab to remove the false eyelashes with a makeup remover, so that it won’t hurt our false eyelashes. It can fully guarantee the service life of our false eyelashes.

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