How To Choose A Custom Eyelash Box That Suits Your Logo

How To Choose A Custom Eyelash Box That Suits Your Logo

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With regard to the custom lash boxes, the attractive appearance and ingenious design are very important. Therefore, the appearance of the logo and the box is the key.
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How to choose a custom eyelash box that suits your logo, color is the key. If your logo color is dark, such as black, brown, dark pink, etc., you can choose a light box, the first choice is white. Because white has a versatile title, there is also a light pink is also popular, or gold, rose gold and light purple.

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If your logo is lighter, you can choose a dark color box. Now the popular dark color boxes are black, deep pink (hot pink), big red, deep purple, and so on.
Mastering the skills of these boxes, I believe that your custom box must be the most luxurious and attractive.

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