How To Make A Logo For A Custom Packaging Box?

How To Make A Logo For A Custom Packaging Box?

This a good news of everyone, our Dunhill Lashes can provide a free logo for making custom eyelash boxes.

custom eyelash packaging boxes

custom eyelash packaging custom packaging for eyelashes

We just made a customized eyelash packaging box a few days ago, we can make a custom box, the order quantity is 30, and we can deliver it in the shortest time. And for how to make the logo, I will explain it to you.
custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale eyelash box

First of all, in the first case, I have my own eyelash mark.
If you have your own eyelash logo, you can send it to us, we will choose the appropriate box for you to carry out the logo design. If you have your own favorite box, you can also send us a picture, we will follow your thoughts.
false eyelash packaging

private label eyelash packaging custom lash boxes

The second only has its own logo name, no specific design.
For this, we can provide free design logos. If you want a pure text design, we have hundreds of fonts to choose from, knowing that you are satisfied.
If you want a combination of pictures and text, we will also have a variety of eye patterns, you can choose.

eyelash packaging design

eyelash packaging design custom lash packaging

eyelash packaging boxes design

custom eyelash packaging eyelash box 

wholesalee yelash packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging eyelash packaging design

As long as you like, we will design a unique packaging design for you. I will put a variety of eye lists below. If you like, you can choose what you want, we will help you design.
And will choose a box for you. Put the logo on, if you like, we will follow this design and make the box in the shortest possible time.
eyelash packaging wholesale

eyelash packaging design custom eyelash boxes

Choose the fastest shipping method and receive the box as fast as you can.
I hope we can be your best eyelash vendors and custom eyelash package boxes. If you have better suggestions, please send us a message and we will make the best changes.

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