How To Use 100-122 Dollars To Start Your Own Brand Of Eyelash Business?

How To Use 100-122 Dollars To Start Your Own Brand Of Eyelash Business?

Most people who start the eyelash business don’t have much money. And how to start our eyelash business with less money,how to find a eyelash vendors today will make a reasonable solution for everyone.

wholesale mink lashes

wholesale mink lashes eyelash vendors wholesale

Many people want eyelashes, eyelash boxes, and boxes with their own logos at the beginning, and most factory eyelash boxes plus logos require a minimum amount of quantity, which will cost hundreds of dollars. .

custom eyelash packaging

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

This is incredible for people who have just started the eyelash business.
In order to help more people start their own eyelash business, our company has launched a variety of programs, the price is mainly around 100-122 dollars.
This price includes eyelashes, free eyelash packaging and eyelash logos, as well as shipping costs.

custom lash packaging

customize your own eyelash box eyelash packaging wholesale

About eyelashes We will use the best-selling eyelash styles, including eyelashes of various lengths.

wholesale lash vendors

wholesale mink lash vendors eyelash vendor

Regarding the packaging, we will use the free packaging for the customer. The bottom card of the package can be changed into various colors, and you can choose the color of the bottom card you like.

cheap custom eyelash boxes

cheap custom eyelash package boxes create your own eyelash packaging

Regarding the eyelash logo, we will use the eyelash logo sticker, and the cost of the paste can only be done for $15.

create your own eyelash packaging

create your own eyelash packaging box custom lash cases

Regarding shipping costs, we will use the most standard shipping cost calculation, only charge $25, and can be delivered within 2-4 days.

faster shipping

best eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes use the fast shipping

This solution is perfectly suited for people who have just started the eyelash business.
So if you are a person who is going to start the eyelash business and are constantly looking for eyelash suppliers, I look forward to hearing from you and we will provide more details.

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