How To Remove(Take Out) Strip Lashes

How To Remove(Take Out) Strip Lashes

Proper use of false eyelashes is not just the right way to wear it. How to properly remove strip lashes is also very important. You definitely don’t want to damage your natural eyelashes and mink lashes, and you don’t want to feel pain when removing false lashes. So careful removal of them is also a very important step.

First step:
Depending on the amount of eyelash glue you use, you can pinch the outside of the 3d mink eyelashes between them, then gently pull the false eyelashes away from the eyes until he leaves your eyes completely. This will not hurt your eyes or hurt your false eyelashes.

The second step:
If the eyelash glue you use is more viscous, then you need to use something to loosen the eyelash glue, which makes it easier to remove the strip eyelashes. We recommend that you stick a small amount of baby oil with a cotton swab and gently apply it along the roots of the mink eyelashes. This will help loosen the eyelash glue and let the eyelashes slip naturally without pulling. Be careful not to let baby oil get into your eyes. If you accidentally get baby oil into your eyes, wash it thoroughly with clean cold water.

Third step:
After successfully removing the false eyelashes, if your false eyelashes are to be reused, you need to protect them. We recommend cleaning the glue at the root of the eyelashes for the next time. You can use a gentle eye make-up remover, then apply it to the cotton swab and gently wipe it along the root of the eyelashes to thoroughly clean your false eyelashes.
Proper use of false eyelashes is very important. This will not damage your natural eyelashes, it will also make your false eyelashes use more times. I hope this article can help you.also hope we will become your best mink eyelash vendors

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