My Chat History With My Mink Lashes Client

My Chat History With My Mink Lashes Client

Client:Hi Dunhill Lashes. Can I see pictures of your mink lashes?
Me: Hi,dear Vry happu u can send messnage to me.

Now i will send the mink lashes catalog to u u can choose u wanna dear.

Client:Ten of each of the circled pair

Me:Ok dear. Total 40 pair

The price is 40*5.3+30shipping=242$

So this ok?

Client:Okay sorry can I do 35. 10 of the DM01, 10 of the DM02, 10 of the DM17 & 5 of the DM12?

Me: Yes of cause dear

Client:Okay that’s fine ! My email is Conniy*******

Me: Ok dear I send the invoice to u
And plz send me your receive name and receive address

Me:Have send plz check

Client:Did you get it?

Me:yes dear, i get it

Client:Is there a way I could get a tracking number?

Me:yes of cause dear, i will send , and dear we will use the fedex will 2-4days can arrive dear.

Client:That’s perfect !! Thank you 😇 can’t wait to buy more!
Me:I believe u dear
Me:U will like it dear
Client:I want to place another order for the lashes

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