Put 4 Pair Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Put 4 Pair Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

We are professional great quality of mink lash vendors and custom packaging boxes manufacturer.We main produce the high quality mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging.About the eyelash packaging we have so many kinds.today we introduce the put 4 pair lashes custom lash packaging

The first eyelash box packaging  is the most classic marble color with a rose gold color inside. These two colors are the most popular and most popular with customers. And we can print your logo outside the box, and the production time is very short, only three to five days. and we can add logo in the outside, just need the moq 10pcs is ok dear.

eyelash packaging wholesale eyelash box

The second custom eyelash packaging is gold and rose gold and holographic color and is a very high-end eyelash case. It can make your mink lashes look extravagant and High-end grade. This custom eyelash packaging is very popular.The other two are also very popular two eyelash box packaging. Especially the wholesale eyelash packaging of laser color is very very shining, it can let your customers see it at first sight. The eyelashes are placed in this box, which looks more sparkling and more mageic.

custom eyelash packaging eyelash box packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging eyelash box

Today we introduce these custom eyelash packaging boxes. Then the next bolog i will introduce the rest custom lash package.if u wanan know more about the custom boxes, welcom contact us.

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