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The Most Suitable Sample Pack

This sample pack includes samples of eyelashes of various lengths you want. (16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes) If you have any better suggestions, please let us know. 

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Only 64$ Mixture Sample Pack 1

Pack Detial:DC Series ⇒ 16mm (DC102,DC09 One Pair Of Each)

DM Series ⇒ 20mm (DM02,DM05 One Pair Of Each)

DN Series ⇒ 22mm (DN02,DN16 One Pair Of Each)

DL Series ⇒ 25mm (DL04,DL05 One Pair Of Each)

Only 85$ Mixture Sample Pack 2

Pack Detial: DS98,DM14,DN12,DL08 (3Pair Of Each)

Only 85$ Mixture Sample Pack 3

Pack Detial: 22MM DN14 / 25MM DL04 (3 Pair Of Each)

Only 97$ 16MM Mink Lashes Sample Pack 4

Pack Detial: DS98/DC104(8 Pair Of Each)

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Only 91$ 20MM Mink Lashes Sample Pack 5

Pack Detial: DM02/DM05/DM10(4 Pair Of Each)

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Only 97$ 22MM Mink Lashes Sample Pack 6

Pack Detial: DN02/DN12/DN16/DN19(4 Pair Of Each)

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Only 85$ 25MM Mink Lashes Sample Pack 7

Pack Detial: DL04/DL05(5 Pair Of Each)

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