September Wholesale Mink Lashes Promotion From China’s Eyelash Vendors

September Wholesale Mink Lashes Promotion From China’s Eyelash Vendors

Dunhill lashes is China’s largest eyelash vendors, mainly engaged in wholesale mink lashes business to the United States, our eyelashes are mainly from Siberia’s highest quality mink. Our mink lashes purchases is cruelty free . There is no damage to the mink . And our eyelash making process is physically free of chemical components. Very safe.

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eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes

In order to promote our eyelashes with great efforts, and to enable our customers to find their own lash vendors and have a better eyelash business, our company has launched a wholesale mink eyelash business promotion.

wholesale mink lashes

mink eyelash vendors mink lashes wholesale

As long as you order our eyelash samples, we will send you a free sample box.

wholesale eyelash packaging

eyelash vendors wholesale mink lash vendors wholesale

As long as we order our 30 custom eyelash package box plus logo, we will give you 30 eyelash trays, as long as you order us will give you a discounted wholesale price.

mink lash vendors wholesale

mink lashes vendor 25mm lashes

If you order 30 eyelashes and 30 custom eyelash packaging boxes, we will have a beautiful gift. And will apply for a reasonable price for you based on your budget.

25mm lashes

25mm mink lashes wholesale lash vendors

If you only want to order more than 50 pairs of eyelashes, we will match the box according to the eyelashes you ordered, and these boxes are free to you. This will save you a lot of money.

wholesale lash vendors

mink lash vendor eyelash manufacturer wholesale mink eyelashes

If you want to order more quantities, please contact us and we will apply with our manager to give you the best price.

wholesale mink eyelashes

wholesale mink eyelashes mink lashes vendor

Help you complete your wholesale mink lashes business. Get more eyelashes and boxes at a reasonable price and look forward to our eyelash business cooperation.

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