The Difference Of Mink, Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions

The Difference Of Mink, Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions

We have this problem when using eyelash extensions – what kind of material is the best.
The main materials for eyelash extension are silk, mink and synthetic materials. Each of these three materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which one you can choose is better.
First of all: Synthetic eyelash extension: Synthetic eyelash extension is made of polished acrylic material, which is characterized by its firmness, and in terms of appearance, the gloss of synthetic eyelashes is the best, and if the eyelashes used are thicker, it will be quite Dramatic.
Although they have a variety of thicknesses and curls, they are particularly natural to use, and are very dramatic and popular with women, while synthetic eyelash extensions also maintain good curl.

Second: silk eyelash extension: silk eyelash extension is not very heavy, it is more delicate and more flexible than synthetic eyelash extension, because silk will be more soft, it looks natural, although sometimes They are as thick as synthetic eyelashes, but their true weight is indeed lighter and will last longer than synthetic eyelashes.
silk eyelashes are also one of the most popular choices to date, as they are more full and natural to wear.
Finally: minkeyelash extension: For mink fur lashes, many people worry that we are cruel and will kill animals. However, please be assured that there is no harm to animals in our country. Our mink fur is collected when the hair is lost. There is no harm at all.

The eyelashes of the mink are completely different from the other two types of eyelashes. They are very very natural. I want my eyelashes to be as soft and realistic as they are. It is also very smooth. Even if it gets wet, it won’t lose its curl and it will be very The lightness, we will soak the mink fur in the milk when making eyelashes, make it more shiny, and the longevity of the eyelashes of the mink fur is the longest. So it is the best relative to the other two.
Of course, if you have other comments, please send us a message, or if you want to wholesale mink lashes, please contact us, we will be your best eyelash vendors.

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