The Most Popular Custom Eyelash Box

The Most Popular Custom Eyelash Box

The most popular is the most suitable.
Dunhill lashes company is the best eyelash vendors for collaboration, where you can see the best-selling eyelash styles and the hottest custom eyelash packaging boxes.

custom eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging eyelash packaging box

Now the best-selling is the box with the US dollar design designed by our company. For this custom eyelash box, we have different colors, there are pink dollar box, pink star flash paper inside, and outside is It is the normal dollar color, which is available in red and rose gold. If you like the color combination we designed, the minimum order quantity for the box is 30.

eyelash packaging

wholesale mink lashes and packaging diy eyelash packaging

If you don’t like our design, we also support custom boxes. You can send us the design patterns you want, the colors you want to combine, and your logo. We will give you what you want. The desired box design. So dear, I hope you can find us and contact us, we will give you the best service. And the best products.

diy eyelash packaging

custom lash packaging customize your own eyelash box

We will also be your best lash vendors. Feel free to contact us for wholesale mink lashes and wholesale custom eyelash boxes.

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