Update The Latest 20MM Mink Eyelashes

Update The Latest 20MM Mink Eyelashes

This will be good news. As a professional eyelash vendors, constantly updating the eyelash style is the message that customers want to hear.
Today our eyelashes are 20mm mink eyelashes. I will put the updated directory below.

lash vendors 20mm mink lashes catalog

lash vendors 20mm mink lashes catalog

Our new eyelashes are very dreamy and full, and can be worn anywhere, either in the office or at the party.
Please believe me, our eyelashes will bring you great appeal.

This is one is our the DM24, this style lashes is so natural and luxury, Using a crossover design, there is a small cross between each large cross, the style is very novel, and it is currently the most popular eyelash style design.

wholesale mink lashes

Wholesale mink lashes from best eyelash vendors DM24

These two kind mink lashes  is our DM26,DM27 .These two eyelashes are our thick models, the eyelashes are very full and dramatic. if u wanna u eyes look crazy  you can trying our these lashes.

eyelash vendors wholesale

Lash vendors Mink lashes wholesale DM27

wholesale lash vendors

Mink eyelash Wholesale eyelash vendors DM26

wholesale mink lashes vendors

mink lash vendors wholesale mink eyelashes DM28

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