Where can I buy your 3d mink custom packaging box?

Where can I buy your 3d mink custom packaging box?

In fact, there are many eyelash wholesale vendors who provide eyelash boxes. When you order mink eyelashes, your eyelash wholesale supplier will provide some samples for you to choose from.

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Usually, they will give these three types of eyelash boxes.

The first is a normal magnetic box with any of our Lashes logos, usually you can put the logo label on the tray, which only takes 1 day to complete the work.

The second style is cases, such as transparent cases and pink cases. You can choose any type you like. If the eyelashes and cases have enough storage space, Lashhes Vendor can be shipped immediately.You can also put the logo label on the tray. We will print the logo label for you and help you put it on the tray.

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customized packaging boxes.

The third style is a customized packaging box. Other eyelash wholesalers usually need 7 to 15 working days, but for dunhill Lashes, we only need 3 days. We can also customize the case for you within 3 working days. .

《How To Create Your Own Lashes Box》
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Because we have our own custom packaging box factory. We can guarantee the delivery date, and you will receive the wholesale eyelashes and eyelashes packaging box in a short time.Yes! Fast and efficient. When you receive mink eyelashes with Custom Packaging Box, you are the first eyelash supplier to release new style eyelashes. When you sell them out, other people’s eyelashes and packaging boxes are still there. On the way.customize the eyelash packaging box

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Therefore, if you are still looking for a professional and efficient custom packaging box factory, you should choose dunhill Lashes first. We will provide you with professional services and help you make your own professional customized packaging boxes.

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