Who Is The Most Professional 25MM Mink Eyelash Supplier? Why?

Who Is The Most Professional 25MM Mink Eyelash Supplier? Why?

There are too many lash vendors on the market, but there are too few professional ones. Today we will talk about who is the most professional eyelash vendors.

25mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes wholesale mink lash vendors

Dunhill Lashes is a professional manufacturer of eyelashes for the production of false eyelashes, wholesale mink lashes, and custom box packaging. With the most professional production team, each worker produces only 10 pairs of eyelashes every day, because we are pursuing the best quality eyelashes.

25mm mink lashes DH002
25mm mink lashes DH002

eyelash wholesale vendor mink lash vendor 

And we will create new styles of eyelashes from time to time to meet the needs of different customers. So if you want to grab the market and win the eyelash market, you can choose us as your best eyelash vendors.


eyelash vendors 25mm lashes wholesale mink lashes

We can not only produce lashes, but also make custom eyelash packaging boxes. If you don’t have a good logo, please send me your brand name and we will design a brand logo for you.
If you have your own logo, we will choose the box that best suits your logo. And designed, produced in the shortest time, and shipped.

eyelash box packaging

3d mink lash wholesale vendors custom eyelash package boxes

We can also make custom tweezers and glues. The minimum order quantity is only 30, just need to provide us with your logo, we will print on the box and transport it in the fastest time.
We can not only provide the best quality eyelashes, but also a wide range of eyelash tools to meet the needs of our customers.

eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging eyelash packaging wholesale

And about 25mm mink eyelashes. Our eyelash styles are all designed by ourselves. Each of our eyelashes is inspired by our life. The style is novel and there is no need to worry about not meeting the development of the market.

So if you want to find the most professional eyelash supplier, wholesale eyelashes, you can send us a message, we will provide the best quality 25mm eyelashes, if you have any questions about eyelashes, please send us a message, We will give you the greatest help. Be the best quality eyelash supplier.

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