Wholesale Mink Lashes Can Get Beautiful Gift

Wholesale Mink Lashes Can Get Beautiful Gift

This a good news, buy lashes can get sunglasses.
First of all, because the summer is so hot,and our customer also wholesale mink lashes from us.so we have launched a beautiful gift giving event in order to give back to new and old customers.

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Dunhill Lashes is a eyelash vendors specializing in high quality 3D mink eyelashes wholesale. We currently have a lot of mink eyelash styles, 25mm mink lashes, 22mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 16mm mink strip lashes. A lot of choices, fully satisfy the customers’ love and demand for different styles.
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As Dunhill Lashes’s eyelash business grows bigger, we have accumulated a lot of old customers, and there are many new customers to order. So, today, I’m launching an event that offers beautiful gifts for free.
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25mm mink lashes vendor

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If your order is over $200, you will be given a beautiful sunglasses for free, or if you like eyelash brushes or eyelash tweezers, You can choose u wanan the gift. If uour order can until 500usd,the gift will be free to send you two sunglasses (or you can choose tweezers and brushes); if can order $700, free to send you three sunglasses (or you can choose tweezers and brushes): $1,000 or more, free Give you 5 sunglasses (or you can choose tweezers and brushes).
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The activity just in the Summer.So if u wanna do the mink lashes wholesale now contact us, our the mink lashes and gift sunglasses u will get the best dear. as long as u buy the lashes total price can More than $200。
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