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our company’s glue is imported in South Korea, there is no special large amount of stock, because our glue is made to order, if you need a small amount of glue, we can deliver it to you soon. But if you need a lot of glue, we need some time to make it for you. Because it is rare, I hope you can find us and have it with us.

Regarding the color of the glue, we have three kinds of transparent color, milky white and black. You can choose your favorite one according to your preference. Our glue water can also add logo. You can send us your logo, we will pass Paste the way and add your logo to the glue bottle

Regarding the capacity of the glue, our glue has 10ml and 5ml, and the glue of the two capacities only differs by 2 dollars. You can choose according to your own use.

Our glue is trace-free, and there are no white or black marks that look unsightly on your eyes. And our glue is also very good to paste, it can be easily pasted, and it can be easily removed, there is no strong smell to stimulate our eyes, and our glue is quality tested. High security, if you are interested, you can buy with confidence

How to Take Measure upon Leak Accident

  1. Measures necessary to protectbody

-> Put on appropriate personal protection outfits upon operation (See Clause 8)

  1. Measures necessary to protect environment

-> Prevent from flowing into overflow or river, and in case of pollution of sewer, river or lake, immediately contact with the company handling this in the city and environment-related institutions.

  1. How to purify or remove it

-> Absorb or control the leak with incombustible materials such as sand and soil, etc.

-> Clean with washing liquid.

-> Put container outside the building and treat it according to the method of abandonment. (See Clause 13)

-> Do not use water since it has strong dispersion force.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  1. Appearance: Liquid (Milk-WhiteEmulsion)
  2. Odor:Characteristic
  3. pH: 8.0 ~ 9.0
  4. Dissolution rate: NoData
  5. Boiling point/the range: 100℃ (similar to that ofwater)
  6. Melting point/the range: 0℃ (similar to that ofwater)
  7. Explosiveness: N/A (same aswater)
  8. Oxidization:N/A
  9. Steam pressure: Approximately 23hPa at 20℃ (similar to that ofwater)
  10. Gravity: Approximately05
  11. Distribution coefficient: NoData
  12. Steam density: Approximately over 1 ( air – 1)
  13. Viscosity: 300 ~ 700cps
  14. Molecular weight: 400,000 -600,000

Stability and Responsiveness

  1. Chemical stability: Stable if observing cautions for handling andstoring
  2. Condition and materials to avoid: Strong acidity, strong alkalinity and strongoxidizer
  3. Harmful materials generated during dissolution: NoData
  4. Possible harmful materials upon reaction: NoData

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ?

We sincerely look forward to working with every value customer for the greatest development and win-win situation in the long term cooperation.If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.