Why Can We Receive Your Eyelashes Order Will Be Shipped Immediately?

Why Can We Receive Your Eyelashes Order Will Be Shipped Immediately?

Dunhill Lashes is an eyelash vendores and eyelash manufacutrer that specializes in high quality eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging. As the brand of Dunhill Lashes grows bigger and bigger, customers are more and more, and some problems will appear slowly. Some customers have felt that the shipment of Dunhill Lashes needs to wait for a long time, and the production of eyelashes is slow. For this problem, Dunhill Lashes proposes a solution. That’s why Dunhill Lashes can now ship you immediately after you place an order.

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In order to change the problem of slow delivery of mink lashes, Dunhill Lashes has increased the productivity of the factory. The style of the mink lashes has been scheduled and stored in the warehouse in advance. You will be given the eyelash style you purchased and will be given to you at the first time. Arrange the delivery; of course, if you don’t have enough money to pay, we offer you a very favorable policy, you can pay the deposit according to the price of the eyelash products you buy, we can also prepare the eyelash products to be purchased in advance. If you pay completely no fee, we can also ship it to you immediately. That’s why Dunhill Lashes can ship you immediately after you place an order.

1. We have our own eyelash production factory and professional production staff;

2. We will have a large inventory of eyelashes, so that you can arrange the eyelash products you purchased at the first time you place an order;

3. Even if there is no stock in our warehouse, we will arrange the factory for you to make the production in the first time, and guarantee 3 days to arrange delivery for you.

Why is Dunhill Lashes able to receive your eyelash orders immediately, the most important of which we have our own production manufacturer, and efficient production mink lashes speed.

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