Why Is The Custom Eyelashing Package Boxes LOGO Minimum Order Quantity Only 10Pcs?

Why Is The Custom Eyelashing Package Boxes LOGO Minimum Order Quantity Only 10Pcs?

Wholesale custom eyelash packaging box only takes 10 we can do. Yes, no doubt is that you only need 10pcs.
Let me introduce our custom eyelash box.

eyelash packaging boxes

eyelash packaging boxes

The first one of our crystal transparent round box
On this box we can add the logo on the eyelash tray or add it to the bottom of the box. Very luxurious, now this box is very popular, you can see the style of the eyelashes and see our logo, and this series of operations only need $15 to get our logo, if you are just starting eyelashes This box can be chosen for business.

eyelash box packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging

The second round of our round gold mirrored box.
The appearance of this box is very high-end, with a pure gold appearance, and the mirror inside the box, we can put the logo on the eyelash tray, or post the paper on the bottom.
eyelash packaging supplies

eyelash packaging manufacturers

The third is our new transparent rectangular box.
This transparent rectangular box is our new box. We can have two ways to add logos on this custom eyelash boxes. One is to print the logo on the box, the other is to use our paste. If you want to print the logo, you need to start with a minimum. Order 30.
private label eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale lash packaging

About the logo.
For some customers, they are just starting the eyelash business. They don’t have their own logo. They don’t want to make a eyelash case. They don’t have to worry about it. We don’t have to worry about it. We have our own team of professional designers. Just give us yours. Brand name, we will customize the logo for you, know that you are satisfied
eyelash box manufacturer

custom lash packaging eyelash box packaging

If you have your own logo, you can send it directly to us, we will choose a box that suits your logo, or add the logo to the box selected by the customer.
And we only need one day to complete the design and production of the paste.

custom eyelash packaging
custom lash packaging eyelash box

For just $15, you can get your own logo, and the order quantity is only 10, and our production time can be completed in one day and shipped.
This is such a good news about the production of boxes, if you want to find a good eyelash vendors, please contact us.

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